Destinations in South Aegean, Greece

Fourth-largest Greek island & a major player in Greek incoming tourism. It really combines multiple aspects to be discovered.

Impressive island & administrative capital of the Cyclades. It emits a nobility sense & became an industrial, commercial, and shipping center.

The largest island of the Cycladic complex where the fertile soil & the rich surrounding sea make it self-sufficient and interesting to explore.

Birthplace of the "Father of Medicine" Hippocrates with rich history starting from 3000 BC while today attracts over 1 million visitors per year.

Its terrain makes the island an international climbing destination, while it has a long history and tradition in the natural-sponge fishing.

A blue-white dome and a belfry on Santorini island with the blue sea of the Aegean in the background.
photo: Public Domain

One of the most famous tourist destinations on a worldwide level, with an intense atmosphere created by its active volcano and a unique sunset.

Third-largest Cycladic island & popular tourist destination offering a multiple range of experiences regardless of age, nationality & background.

Cosmopolitan destination & the absolute magnet of the international jet-set while since the '60s its name became synonymous to unlimited luxury.

Northernmost and second-largest island of the Cyclades complex with a green landscape that differs from the typical Cycladic scenery.

Extremely famous Greek pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but also a place of wild beauty, genuine villages, hiking & culinary tradition.

Wild unspoiled natural beauty with picturesque villages & festivals that initiate everyone's involvement and have its roots in past rituals.

Its volcanic nature offers stunning rock formations & colorful terrain variations, a fact related to its nickname "the island of the colors".

In 1983, declared officially by the Greek state, as the "Holy Island", the place where Evangelist John wrote the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse).

A big ship in the port and a part of the settlement of Symi, Greece.
photo: Scintella at English Wikipedia

By entering its port someone witnesses the largest officially-preserved colorful settlement of distinctive neoclassical architecture.

Scenic Cycladic island with a traditional aspect but also famous for endless nightlife that attracts mainly youngsters from all over the world.

At the southeast edge of the Cyclades island complex, it combines the wild and mountainous landscape with the endless blue of the Aegean.

East-most of the Dodecanese (12-island group) that geographically, culturally & architecturally could be a part of the Cyclades island complex.

Small island located at the center of the Cyclades island complex that is less than one nautical mile (1,9 km) away from Paros island.

Village with impressive mansions constructed by ship captains. It is built around the city acropolis that hosts the Athena temple from the 6th BC.

An active volcanic island of the Dodecanese complex, genuine and unspoiled from mass tourism & ideal for peaceful & nature-oriented holidays.

The easternmost point of Greece and Europe that officially is called Megisti and defines the borders between 2 continents and 2 cultures.

4-small islets Complex (Ano, Kato Koufonisi, Keros, Glaronisi), where Ano Koufonisi is permanently inhabited offering genuine travel experiences.

With a total area of 13 kmĀ² and a diameter of only 5.5 km, it's a tiny islet with nearly 160 inhabitants & ideal for relaxation & mindfulness.