South Aegean Best Destinations

Come here to revel in heavenly beaches and blue-white villages. Take advantage of boat trips to nearby isles and pay a visit to the castle.

A big ship in the port and a part of the settlement of Symi, Greece.
photo: Scintella at English Wikipedia



When entering its port, you will witnesses a large colorful settlement of distinctive neoclassical architecture that will get your camera hot.

The belfry and a part of the roof of the church of Our Lady of Tinos (Virgin Mary) in the Chora of the island.



The pilgrimage to Virgin Mary's Church is a unique cultural and religious experience for all visitors. Enjoy its hiking treks and delectable cuisine.

To experience its beach life, boat trips, and sights, you need to go the furthest away from the Greek mainland one could go. Unspoiled and different.

A natural arch and the sea at the coast of the island of Melos, Greece.



Its volcanic nature offers stunning rock formations and colorful terrain variations, accessible mainly through boat tours, will leave you speechless.

Find yourself in this tiny islet. With only 160 inhabitants, it's ideal for relaxation, yoga, and mindfulness. Beachlife is most there is here.

Do you want to party till the morning, take pictures of blue-white houses, and tan on the beach? Ios is most probably your summer destination.

A photo showing a part of the Chora (main settlement) of Andros, Greece.



Unlike the typical Cycladic scenery, in Andros, the blue sea blends with jagged rocks and lush green hills. It's an undiscovered gem.

Home to most of Greece's Catholics, this island has a unique medieval town. Don't miss local traditional delicacies in taverns with live music.

Built around an Acropolis that hosts a temple to Athena dated in the 6th BC, this village also has impressive mansions constructed by ship captains.

A photo showing a part of the main settlement of Naxos (Chora) taken from the hill of the Portara monument.
photo: TimOve / CC BY 2.0



This large island offers a plentiful choice of historical sites, traditional villages, and beaches - a place for road trips, sunsets, and nightlife.

Ancient windmill, overlooking Mykonos' main town (Chora) and its harbour.



Cosmopolitan destination and the absolute magnet of the international jet-set, the island's name became synonymous with unlimited luxury and parties.

A picture showing a part of the Chora of Amorgos.
photo: Paul Arps / CC BY 2.0



A place for travelers rather than tourists, this island combines a wild and mountainous landscape with Aegean's endless blue. Sunsets are otherwordly.

A popular tourist destination with vibrant nightlife, here you will indulge yourself with blue-white streets, hiking paths, and golden beaches.

In the Holy Island of Patmos, you can visit the cave where Evangelist John wrote the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse), monasteries, but also beaches.

Two climbers by a steep cliff on the island of Kalymnos and the deep blue sea in the background.
photo: Mike Bean / CC BY 2.0



Its terrain makes the island an internationally acclaimed climbing destination, and locals have a long tradition in natural-sponge fishing.

Wild and unspoiled, Karpathos' natural beauty will blow your mind. Its picturesque villages and festivals guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Birthplace of the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, this island's history starts in 3000 BC. Today, it's a famous nightlife and beach life getaway.

A large island, when in Rhodes explore the old town and palace, antiquities, and the island's exquisite beaches, all topped with a lively nightlife.

Unspoiled from mass tourism, this island is ideal for peaceful holidays in nature. Its active volcano has ethereal views waiting for your camera.

A blue-white dome and a belfry on Santorini island with the blue sea of the Aegean in the background.
photo: Public Domain



You will find plenty of otherwordly views of the sea, sky, and the crater on this crowded volcanic island. Its sunsets will leave you speechless.

Backpackers' favorites, out of these four islets, only Ano Koufonisi is permanently inhabited. Find lots of time for yourself with friends on the beach.

Two strokes away from Paros, this small and tranquil island has narrow streets, excellent restaurants and tavernas, and a famous shallow water beach.

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