Lindos Rhodes

Built around an Acropolis that hosts a temple to Athena dated in the 6th BC, this village also has impressive mansions constructed by ship captains.

Lindos Rhodes Attractions


Relief of a Rhodian Galley

At the entrance of Lindos acropolis, you find an impressive relief of an ancient Rhodian galley of the 3rd century BC. A touching piece of history.


Acropolis of Lindos

The 116 meter high citadel of Lindos' hosts an ancient temple of Athena. The fortifications were further developed in medieval times.


Tomb of Cleobulus of Lindos

An excellent 1h30 hike from Lindos to Cleobulus' tomb - the leader, poet, and one of antiquity's seven wise men. Prepare, have water, and avoid sunny hours.


Ancient Theatre of Lindos

Lindos ancient theater has been carved into stone under the town;s acropolis. It had enough seats for 2000 spectators. It is not restored.

Lindos Rhodes Why visit?

  • An prestigious and glorious city in antiquity.
  • An architectural crossroad of Byzantine, Western, and Arabic styles.
  • One of Dorians' six colonies, it shared the same blood with Sparta.

Lindos Rhodes Things to Do


Lindos Old Town

A gorgeous town with narrow streets and white houses close to ancient Lindos. Have your camera at hand - it's extremely photogenic.

A close up photo of a butterfly in the Butterflies Valley Park of Rhodos.
distant ≈ 38.9km

Butterflies Valley Park

Natural habitat of a very rare species of butterfly (Panaxia Quadripunctaria) which appears in the park from mid-June to the end of September.

Lindos Rhodes Beaches


Lindos Beach

Α fully developed beach with bars on a windless sandy bay. Here, you swim enjoying a superb view of Lindos acropolis. It gets crowded.