Lindos Rhodes

  • Lindo IT
  • Lín Duō Sī ZH
  • Rindosu JA

Village in South Aegean

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do in or near Lindos Rhodes

An aerial photo showing the traditional settlement of Lindos.
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Lindos Old Town

Traditional settlement with narrow streets and white cubic houses built amphitheatrically at the foothills of the the ancient city of Lindos.

A picture showing a part of the Ancient Theatre of Lindos that is carved into the rock.
↘ SE   < 1km

Ancient Theatre of Lindos

Inside the ancient town acropolis it's mainly carved into the rock, while it dates from the 4th BC having a capacity of nearly 2,000 spectators.
A picture showing a part of the remains of the Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes island.
→ E   < 1km

Acropolis of Lindos

Ancient citadel of Lindo's coastal settlement situated on a 116 meters high rock, includes the temple of Athena and the medieval fortification.

A picture showing the relief of a Rhodian galley at the entrance of the ancient Acropolis of Lindos.
↗ NE   < 1km

Relief of a Rhodian Galley, Lindos

At the entrance of Lindos Acropolis there is a rilief of the ship constructed on Rhodes and helped the locals of the 3rd BC to fight piracy.

A panoramic picture of the Megali (Great) Beach of Lindos.
↑ N   < 1km

Megali (Great) Beach of Lindos

As revealed by its name it's the biggest beach of the area, while it is fully organized, with beach bars and is located in a windless sandy bay.

A picture showing the Tomb of Kleoboulos close to the settlement of Lindos on Rhodes Island.
↗ NE   ≈ 2.1km

Tomb of Kleoboulos, Lindos Rhodes

After a nice promenade 1.5 hours away from Lindos is located by the sea the tomb of the tyrant, poet, and one of the seven sages of antiquity.

A close up photo of a butterfly in the Butterflies Valley Park of Rhodos.
↑ N   ≈ 38.9km

Butterflies Valley Park of Rhodos

Natural habitat of a very rare species of butterfly (Panaxia Quadripunctaria) which appears in the park from mid-June to the end of September.

A picture showing one road in the medieval town (old town) of Rhodes.
↑ N   ≈ 41.1km


Fourth-largest Greek island & a major player in Greek incoming tourism. It really combines multiple aspects to be discovered.

Travelers are leaving the transfer bus and embark on the airplane at the runway of Rhodes International Airport.
photo: Piotrus / CC BY 3.0
↑ N   ≈ 49km

Rhodes International Airport

« Diagoras »

Named after the boxer of antiquity Diagoras from Rhodes, it's the 4th busiest Greek airport with more than 4/5 international passengers.

Questions & Answers about Lindos Rhodes

Why Visit Lindos Rhodes?
  • The prestige and the glory of an ancient city-state revealed by impressive remains.
  • An architectural crossroad with a Byzantine, Medieval, & Arab-style composition.
  • Second most significant & worth-visiting island settlement with unique scenery.