Destinations in North Aegean, Greece

Third biggest Greek island famous for its ouzo & virgin olive oil as well as for its unique attractions, wonderful beaches, & green landscape.

The 5th largest island of Greece famous for the Chian mastic, its medieval villages, and the maritime competence of its sailors.

The 9th largest Greek island which is the birthplace of geometer Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus, and the astronomer Aristarchus.

At the northeast Aegean, the 8th largest Greek island is famous for the extraordinary cuisine based on local products & the lovely beaches.

A picture of the port of Pythagorio with small fishing boats and the buildings of the settlement in the background.
photo: YouInGreececom

Being the most touristically developed region, it was renamed from Tigani to Pythagorio in 1955 honoring the great philosopher Pythagoras.