Destinations in North Aegean, Greece

Indulge yourself in this island's ouzo, mezze, olive oil, and other culinary products. It's also blessed with great beaches and lush green forests.

Chios is a sizeable island home to medieval villages and picturesque sights worth your visit. It's blessed with an excellent climate for wine-making.

Small port with fishing boats in front of a traditional house built by the coast of Samos.



The home island of geometer Pythagoras is lush green with rivers, wetlands, and beaches. It also has several sites of archeological interest.

Memorable for its extraordinary cuisine, local produce, and heavenly beaches, Limnos is also home to a desert. Yes, sand dunes, wild goats and all.

A picture of the port of Pythagorio with small fishing boats and the buildings of the settlement in the background.
photo: YouInGreececom



This is a village inhabited since the ancient years. It has a charming promenade and an archaeological museum that hosts findings from the island.