You will find plenty of otherwordly views of the sea, sky, and the crater on this crowded volcanic island. Its sunsets will leave you speechless.

A blue-white dome and a belfry on Santorini island with the blue sea of the Aegean in the background.
photo: Public Domain

Santorini Attractions

An imposing grey rock with stairs dominates the surrounding seascape.
must visit

Skaros Rock

You believe you can fly and touch the sky? Skaros Rock is the closest to it but be warned, conquering the top is a gruelling Herculean labor. Use shoes.


The Heart of Santorini

The Heart of Santorini is a hole on a rock which makes excellent frame for pictures. Mind the slippery way down - it can be dangerous.


Archaeological Site of Ancient Thera


People live in Santorini for more than 5000 years. These are the remains of Santorini's biggest town from 9th century BC to 726 AD.


Three Bells of Fira

Μaybe globally recognizable, this postcard church has a distinctive three-belled crown and an eternal blue-sea background.

A stone-built chapel with two white domes among trees in a picture where earthy colours dominate.
photo: momo / CC BY 2.0

Prophet Elias Monastery

Prophet Elias is an enchanting monastery steeped in history. Stunning scenery and panoramic views that will take your breath away.


Emporeio Venetian Fortification Settlement

The Emporio Venetian Castle is a narrow-alley maze of light earthy colors and Medieval vibes. Have your camera at hand.


Akrotiri Lighthouse

Come here for a sunset and you won't regret the climbing you need to do. The lighthouse is not open for visits but with such a view that's not important.


Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral


An impressive chandelier, stunning hagiography, lots of arches and an omnipresent white color. Cover up legs and arms to get in.

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Santorini Settlements

Firá Town

Capital of Santorini

Central settlement with a majestic view, located on the edge of the Caldera, approximately 250 meters above the sea level. Literally breath-taking views.

Oia Town


A settlement famous for its landscape and architecture. Its outstanding sunset brings all the tourists to the yard. Enjoyed best with opera music.



Built by earthquake survivors, Kamari is a seafront resort village with pool bars, organized beach, tavernas and many other tourist amenities.



Perissa is a volcanic-sand beach overlooked by an imposing rocky hill. It has all tourist amenities you may need. Enjoy the deep-blue sea.



A white-colored village under Santorini's blue sky. Don't miss the mill and the extraordinary bell gate of St Ioannis church.



Pyrgos is a beautiful hilltop village surrounded by vineyards. It does not figure in most tourist guides, and so, it is less touristy.

Santorini Things to Do


Palea Kameni Island

Visible from Santorini and accessible by daily boat cruises, here you can swim in volcanic seawaters. A once-in-a-lifetime experience really.


Winery «Santo Wines»

This is one of the biggest wineries of Santorini. It offers an unforgettable experience combining wine tasting with great views.


Nea Kameni Volcanic Park

Geologically the newest island in the Mediterranean Sea was formed by the active Santorini volcano. It is located in the middle of the Caldera.


Santorini's Sunset

The mystic moment when the sun glows with countless colors while diving in the waters of the Aegean Sea. One the world's most famous sunsets.

Santorini Why visit?

  • Stroggili, Kallisti, Thera, and Santa Irene, Santorini.
  • Its 1600BC volcanic eruption produced the myth of Atlantis - most probably.
  • The eruption destroyed the Minoan civilization in Crete.

Santorini Museums


Tomato Industrial Museum «D.Nomikos»

Contemporary museum dedicated to the industrial production of the traditional tomato paste before the development of the tourism sector.


«Lost Atlantis Experience» Interactive Museum

You know that Santorini is the mythical Atlantis, right? The Lost Atlantis Experience Museum breaks it to you with the use of 9D technology.


Museum of Prehistoric Thera

A small yet rich museum with findings dating from 4000 years ago. Frescoes, pottery, tools, figurines, statues - all make it worth your time.