To experience its beach life, boat trips, and sights, you need to go the furthest away from the Greek mainland one could go. Unspoiled and different.

Kastellorizo Attractions


Santrapeia Civil School

A neoclassical building of 1903 copying Athens' Academy. It is the school of the village, for more than a century now.


Paleokastro Fortress

The fortress date back to the 3rd century BC. This was the ancient acropolis around which the settlement developed. Need some walking to get there.


Kastellorizo Medieval Castle

Medieval fortification erected on a 46-meter rock. With full supervision over two harbors and panoramic views, it's excellent for moments of mindfulness.


Lycaean Tomb

A rock-cut tomb of the 4th century BC that is unique in European territory and it is similar to the Lycaean Tombs in Asia Minor.


Monastery St. George-of-the-Mountain

Uninhabited monastery built at 1759 on the hill, 410 steps above the village. Breathtaking views and rural-decay scenery for photographers.


Saints Konstantinos & Helen Church

Saints Konstantinos and Helen church has a gothic touch. It was built on top of early-Christian basilica ruins close to three more churches.

Kastellorizo Things to Do


Blue Grotto (Cave)

On the southeast coast of the island, this sea cave is a most impressive sight. You can get to these crystal-clear waters only by boat tours.


Ro (Rho) Megistis Island

Islet famous in Greece for the story of the Lady of Ro, the only resident who was raising here the Greek flag daily for decades.


Strongyli Megistis Island

Uninhabited islet of the Kastelorizo (Megisti) complex and the easternmost part of the Greek territory. A border between Europe and Asia.

Kastellorizo Why visit?

  • A village with traditional mansions built around a bay.
  • Kastellorizo, Castello Rosso, meaning Red Castle.
  • Greece's eastmost border.

Kastellorizo Museums


Archaeological Museum of Kastellorizo

The Archaeological Museum of Kastellorizo exhibits findings from the island and hosts a section about the island's traditional sponge diving.

Kastellorizo Settlements

Kastellorizo Town

Built by the sea, Kastellorizo's only settlement has 500 inhabitants. A wonderful promenade with tavernas and cafés by a picturesque port.