Destinations in Peloponnese, Greece

A picture showing some buildings in the old city of Kalamata.
photo: G Da / CC BY-SA 3.0



World-famous for its Kalamata olives, this town is an excellent base for your day trips to nearby points of archaeological and cultural interest.

Coastal city close to an instagrammable 6-kilometer canal that separates Peloponnese from the Greek mainland. Ideal for a stop while traveling.

With its well-preserved architecture and monuments, Nafplio is a window to Old Greece. Enjoy it and launch day trips to ancient sites nearby.

Built amphitheatrically at the west coast of the Laconic Gulf, it stands out for its colorful neoclassic mansions and a mesmerizing island atmosphere.

Do you want to watch a play in the same theater ancient Greeks did? The Epidaurus theater festival is an unforgettable, almost mystic, experience.