A popular tourist destination with vibrant nightlife, here you will indulge yourself with blue-white streets, hiking paths, and golden beaches.

Paros Beaches


Lageri Beach

No beach bar around here. Partly nudist and apparently favorite of gay people, Lageri beach is a calm place.


Kalogeros Beach

No beach bars here. Just sand, sea, and sun. And clay. Some people use it as face mask, and kids build better sand castles.

Umbrellas without cover on a golden-sand beach and the sun reflecting on the sea in the background.
photo: G Joue / CC BY-ND 2.0

Agios Nikolaos Beach


Families' favorite thanks to calm and shallow waters, a playground and basketball courts. No bars. Bonus: walking distance from Aliki.


Chrisi Akti (Golden) Beach

The Golden Coast is a long sandy beach with plenty of space even in high season. Lay down under your own umbrella or at the beach bars.


Logaras Beach

Piso Livadi

Logaras beach is for chilling and reading a book. It's the waterfront of a settlement with rooms, restaurants, and other amenities. Perfect for families.


Agia Irini Beach


Santa Irene has a tropical look and feel. A beach restaurant provides complimentary loungers with your order. Shallow and calm waters - ideal for families.


Krios Beach

Krios beach is opposite the city of Paros. Large, fine-grained, convenient, and inexpensive. It can get cramped during the high season.


Kolymbithres Beach


the somewhat unusual rock formations have made Kolymbithres famous. Then it started getting cramped. Early morning you enjoy it uncongested.

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Paros Settlements



It used to be Paros' head village for centuries. This place is relatively quiet, so enjoy strolling in its narrow streets and photography.

Parikia Town


The island's capital with typical white-blue architecture and narrow streets. Nightlife, food, and lots of sightseeing will keep you busy for days.



Typical Cycladic village with many nearby beaches. Nights here end early morning and, naturally, it's young people's favorite.

Paros Attractions

The front side and the main entrance of the Panagia Ekatontapiliani church in Parikia the central village of Paros.
must visit

Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church


Impressive and well-preserved early Christian church dating from the 4th century AD and according to a legend was built by Constantine the Great.

An underground gallery of the Ancient Marble Quarries of Paros.
photo: Vositeo

Ancient Marble Quarries


There is not much to see here, but if you want to visit the marble quarry that made Paros famous in the ancient world, here is your chance.

Paros Why visit?

  • In antiquity, Paros had a lush forest.
  • Paros was once called Zakynthos, which is another Greek island. Confusing.
  • Tip-top Ancient Greek statues are made of Parian marble.