Destinations in West Greece, Greece

The third-largest Greek city famous for its carnival and with a major port significant for its commercial relations with Italy & Europe.

Typical Greek provincial city founded in the 16th century and got its name from the tower (Pyrgos in Greek) erected by its first ruler in 1512.

Small boats anchored at the small fortified port of Nafpaktos.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos

Very beautiful coastal Greek city with a picturesque fortified port, famous for the "Battle of Lepanto" (1571) between Europeans and Turks.

The "Sacred city" of Mesolongi is related like no other to the Greek War of Independence and the siege that led to the "Exodus" in 1826.

Greatest sanctuary dedicated to Zeus that was the most significant religious & sports center as well as the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Cosmopolitan, mountainous, & mainly winter destination due to its ski center, but also historical place related to a Second World War holocaust.