Thessaly Best Destinations

With an extensive network of bike lanes, this cute town is a gateway to mountainous traditional villages and hiking destinations of stunning beauty.

Dense vegetation has taken over the rocky coastline of Pelion.


Area / Peninsula

Native to centaurs, Pelion has otherwordly villages, often built amphitheatrically on slopes that resemble balconies with views to the sea.

Gateway to Sporades Islands and home of magnificent Mount Pelion, Volos is a modern city for unforgettable tavern nights with friends, ouzo, and food.

Surrounded by farmland and pastures, when in Larissa prioritize delicacies and restaurants. The city has two ancient theaters and historical sites.

A boat full of people is approaching the port of Skiathos.
photo: kdask / CC BY 2.0



Skiathos is a fabulous, cosmopolitan island with many emerald beaches and green forests, as well as historical sites. The food will amaze you.

An overview of a sandy beach in Skopelos with the sun-umbrellas reaching almost the water.



Skopelos' forests touch the seawater. No wonder the film «Mamma Mia!» was shot here. Its traditional architecture and monasteries will keep you busy.

A diver? An ancient shipwreck and a seals refuge are awaiting you here. Not a diver? Well, the island's beauty would blow anyone's mind either way.

In Trikala, you can take a long walk in the streets of the old town and visit museums, the fortress, the Ottoman mosque, and other points of interest.

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