Island in South Aegean

Backpackers' favorites, out of these four islets, only Ano Koufonisi is permanently inhabited. Find lots of time for yourself with friends on the beach.

Attractions & Things to Do in Koufonisia

Port of Ano (North) Koufonisi

Connected with the Greek capital & Aegean islands through frequent ferry-routes, as well as with Naxos with a ferry boat & summer day-trips.

km 0

Chora of Ano Koufonissi

A magical scenery that during the last years transformed an alternative destination into the absolute highlight of the Cycladic Islands.

↑ N
< 1km
An overview of the uninhabited island of Keros.
photo: Phso2 / CC BY 3.0

Keros Island

Mysterious island and probably the most ancient sanctuary of the Aegean that is described through the documentary The Enigma of Keros.

↘ SE
≈ 8.2km

Schinoussa Island

The cental of the Lesser Cyclades complex, stands for a genuine friendly notion and is an ideal destination for relaxation and tranquility.

↙ SW
≈ 13.2km

Iraklia Island

The definition of relaxed holidays on an island with an approximate population of 150 inhabitants and no any petrol station or bank service.

↙ SW
≈ 22.4km
A photo showing a part of the main settlement of Naxos (Chora) taken from the hill of the Portara monument.
photo: TimOve / CC BY 2.0


This large island offers a plentiful choice of historical sites, traditional villages, and beaches - a place for road trips, sunsets, and nightlife.

↖ NW
≈ 23km


A place for travelers rather than tourists, this island combines a wild and mountainous landscape with Aegean's endless blue. Sunsets are otherwordly.

↘ SE
≈ 27.8km


Find yourself in this tiny islet. With only 160 inhabitants, it's ideal for relaxation, yoga, and mindfulness. Beachlife is most there is here.

↗ NE
≈ 35.9km


Do you want to party till the morning, take pictures of blue-white houses, and tan on the beach? Ios is most probably your summer destination.

↙ SW
≈ 42km

Questions & Answers about Koufonisia

Why Visit Koufonisia?
  • Cars or motorbikes are totally useless, while hiking & cycling are favorite choices.
  • Mindfulness through minimal architecture, fine sand beaches & emerald waters.
  • Ano Koufonisi hosts nearly 350 residents on only 3,5 kmĀ².