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Island in South Aegean

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do on Koufonisia

The Port of Ano Koufonisi.
km 0

Port of Ano (North) Koufonisi

Connected with the Greek capital & Aegean islands through frequent ferry-routes, as well as with Naxos with a ferry boat & summer day-trips.

An overview of the Chora of Ano Koufonissi and the small bay with numerous boats in front of it.
↑ N   < 1km

Chora of Ano Koufonissi

A magical scenery that during the last years transformed an alternative destination into the absolute highlight of the Cycladic Islands.

An overview of the uninhabited island of Keros.
photo: Phso2 / CC BY 3.0
↘ SE   ≈ 8.2km

Keros Island

Mysterious island and probably the most ancient sanctuary of the Aegean that is described through the Documentary "The Enigma of Keros".

A picture showing the small island of Schinoussa.
↙ SW   ≈ 13.2km

Schinoussa Island

The cental of the "Lesser Cyclades" complex, stands for a genuine friendly notion and is an ideal destination for relaxation and tranquility.

An image of the rocky coast of Iraklia Island.
↙ SW   ≈ 22.4km

Iraklia Island

The definition of relaxed holidays on an island with an approximate population of 150 inhabitants and no any petrol station or bank service.

A photo showing a part of the main settlement of Naxos (Chora) taken from the hill of the Portara monument.
photo: TimOve / CC BY 2.0
↑ N   ≈ 23km


The largest island of the Cycladic complex where the fertile soil & the rich surrounding sea make it self-sufficient and interesting to explore.

A picture showing a part of the Chora of Amorgos.
photo: Paul Arps / CC BY 2.0
↘ SE   ≈ 27.8km


At the southeast edge of the Cyclades island complex, it combines the wild and mountainous landscape with the endless blue of the Aegean.

The small port of Stavros settlement on the island of Donousa.
↗ NE   ≈ 35.9km


With a total area of 13 km² and a diameter of only 5.5 km, it's a tiny islet with nearly 160 inhabitants & ideal for relaxation & mindfulness.

A picture showing a part of the main settlement (Chora) of Ios.
↙ SW   ≈ 42km


Scenic Cycladic island with a traditional aspect but also famous for endless nightlife that attracts mainly youngsters from all over the world.

Questions & Answers about Koufonisia

Why Visit Koufonisia?
  • Cars or motorbikes are totally useless, while hiking & cycling are favorite choices.
  • Mindfulness through minimal architecture, fine sand beaches & emerald waters.
  • Ano Koufonisi hosts nearly 350 residents on only 3,5 km².