Destinations in Central Greece, Greece

The doorway to the second largest Greek island, Evia, this little town's promenade is enjoyable, as are numerous points of historical interest.

Close to the legendary battlefield of the 300 Spartans, Lamia and its broader region are home to many historical monuments from all historical eras.

Vivid destination standing for its tradition, history, and good food, this place is a getaway full of exciting day trips and activities in nature.

Karystos combines waterfalls and mountains with fishing villages and historical sites in a remote and picturesque destination in southern Evia.

One of the most ancient towns in Greece, Eretria is a family-friendly destination with tons of antiquities, a seaside walkway, and a long sandy beach.

An impressive mansion that served as the Town Hall of Kymi.
photo: C messier / CC BY 3.0

Kymi Evia


You can take it easy in this quiet town and enjoy the beach. Traditional mansions belonging to captains show the town's reliance on maritime activity.

Are you visiting Athens during winter? Close to Greece's most well-organized ski resort, Arachoba is Athenians' favorite winter resort town.

An overview of the Chora (main village) of Skyros.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0



The island's northern part is blossom green, while the southern is a rather rocky place. Spend time on the beach, and if offered honey, take it.

A part of the temple of Apollo in Ancient Delphi with the mountains of the area in the background.
photo: askii / CC BY-SA 2.0

Ancient Delphi


The preeminent Oracle of antiquity where a high priestess, Pythia, would mumble words to be interpreted by Appolo's priests. Enjoy the scenic drive.