Destinations in Central Greece, Greece

The doorway to the second largest Greek island, Evia. And famous for the "crazy waters", the distinctive tidal phenomenon in Euripus Strait.

The city and the broader region is scattered with memorials that describe the historical evolution of the Greek nation during the centuries.

Vivid destination standing for its tradition, history, and good food, while serves as a getaway for exciting road trips and nature activities.

Picturesque destination at the remote southern part of Evia, characterized by an island atmosphere but with the absence of loads of tourists.

Coastal town with tourism infrastructure, shops, and tavernas that composes a family vacation destination especially during the summer.

Numerous captain-mansions reveal the maritime past of the town that was the birthplace of the great doctor and researcher George Papanikolaou.

Close to the biggest and most well-organized ski resort of Greece, the favorite winter cosmopolitan destination of the Athens inhabitants.

Keeps its original character as a picturesque Aegean Island since it is not among the first choices of the local and international tourism.

The most significant oracle of antiquity where the oracles were expressed by the priestess Pythia and interpreted by the priests of Apollo.