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Island in South Aegean

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do on Syros

Port of Syros

It's approached by large ferries boats from other islands & the Greek mainland, while there are some spots for sailing & cruise ships.

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Local Products & Flavors of Syros

Apart from the quality local products, the island is famous for the loukoumi of Syros (jelly candy), the halva pies, and the San Michali cheese.
The statue of Miaoulis at the homonymous square of Ermoupoli in front of the Town Hall of the city.
photo: Zacharias Mitzelos

Miaoulis Square of Syros

Central square designed by the Bavarian architect Wilhelm von Weiler that compose a 19th-century fairytale setting in Syros town.

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Syros Easter (Rituals & Customs)

The island where the harmonious coexistence of the two Christian doctrines (Orthodox and Catholic) transforms the feast to a unique experience.

One of the rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Syros in Ermoupolis with exhibits close to the walls and a display.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Archaeological Museum of Syros

Founded in 1834 it is one of the oldest Greek museums, while from 1899 it is housed in 4 rooms of the building of the Ermoupolis Town Hall.

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The exterior and the main entrance of the Apollon Theater in Ermoupolis of Syros
photo: Zacharias Mitzelos

Apollon Theater, Ermoupolis Syros

Significant island attraction, inaugurated in 1864 in architectural designs inspired by 4 Italian theaters including La Skala of Milan.

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A central street of Ermoupoli Town in Syros covered with marble.
photo: ElioQoshi / CC BY 3.0

Ermoupoli Town

The capital of Syros and the administrative center of the Cyclades famous for an architectural style that includes an neoclassical Romanticism.

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Neorion Shipyards, Syros

Dating from 1861 it’s one of the oldest heavy industries of the country. The whole area is located just across Ermoupolis port.

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Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis

Founded in 2000, it is housed in a complex of 4 abandoned factories with the central exhibition to be hosted at the Katsimanti Paint Factory.

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Markos Vamvakaris Museum, Ano Syros

It opened in 1995 and is dedicated to the great Greek songwriter and composer who died in 1972.

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Ano Syros (Medieval Old Town)

Founded in 1200 by the Venetians is built on the hill of the Catholic Cathedral of St George and maintains until today its Catholic identity.

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Syros National Airport

« Demetrius Vikelas »

With the name of the famous 19th-century poet & writer who was born on Syros, this small airport connects the island with Athens daily.

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Galissas, Syros

Situated almost 7 km away from the capital of Ermoupoli, it is an area with a remarkable improvement in tourist infrastructure during the last decades.

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Extremely famous Greek pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but also a place of wild beauty, genuine villages, hiking & culinary tradition.

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Cosmopolitan destination & the absolute magnet of the international jet-set while since the '60s its name became synonymous to unlimited luxury.

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Questions & Answers about Syros

Why Visit Syros?
  • Big harbor of the 19th-century has a tradition in entrepreneurship, arts & culture.
  • Most populated Cycladic island with aristocratic style that reveals its noble past.
  • Orthodox & Catholic communities live harmoniously offering a distinctive color.
What is Syros Greece?

Syros is a Greek island that is the capital and the most populated island of Cyclades. Also known as Syra, it is located in the center of the Aegean archipelago. With a rich history since prehistoric times, Syros has a parallel history with the other islands of the Cyclades until the 19th-century when it flourished and became a very important commercial center. Syros today is a charming island, as the visitor will encounter here the coexistence of traditional, cosmopolitan, and neoclassical style with, Orthodox and Catholic tradition as well. Syros can be reached by ferry boat from the port of Piraeus or by plane since the island has its own airport.

What is Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros, Greece?

A significant point for the island's history was the foundation of Ermoupoli which is the main town and a port that was build during the Revolution of 1821 by refugees from Chios, Samos, Kydonies, Rhodes, and Kasos. All those found refuge on the island due to the privileges conceded by the Sultan of the Ottoman empire to Syros. Very soon Ermoypoli stood as a modern urban center and also the biggest industrial and commercial center in Greece. Many of its citizens who were highly educated, gave to the city a spiritual radiation and a sense of nobility. With the development of the port of Piraeus and the opening of the Corinth Canal, the port of Syros lost strategic advantage in commerce and after the occupation, during the Second World War, it failed to bounce back to its former glory.

When Syros started to become a tourist destination?

As a tourist destination, the Greek island of Syros starts to become more popular in the 1980s, gaining the reputation of the "noble-island of Cyclades". The local mansions and the distinctive architecture are the highlights, while its coastal settlements like Galissas, Phoinicas, and Posidonia attract also many tourists. It is also worth mentioning that Syros was the birthplace of internationally renowned musician Marcus Vamvakaris and in honor of local authorities have turned the house that he was born into a museum, while a square in Ano Syros bears his name.