Home to most of Greece's Catholics, this island has a unique medieval town. Don't miss local traditional delicacies in taverns with live music.

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Syros Settlements



Kini is a picturesque fishing village of just 500 inhabitants, not far from Ermoupolis. Visit the nunnery, the aquarium, and on June 29 attend the festivities.

A bay peppered with white houses and a barren hill sandwiched between a blue sky and a blue sea.
photo: Stefanougeorg at Greek Wikipedia



Poseidonia or Della Grazia is a place with beautiful mansions, turrets, and gardens in an aristocratic atmosphere. Fabulous beaches too.



Syros' biggest village is surrounded by exceptional beaches with turquoise waters and arid, yet beautiful, hills.



Azolimnos is a village with three Catholic churches and a fantastic beach, and a cape where seals and cormorants make homes.

Ermoupoli Town

The capital of Syros and the administrative capital of all Cycladic islands is famous for its neoclassical Romantic architectural style.

Ano Syros (Medieval Old Town)

Τhe Venetians built their town on top of a hill around 1200. A walk around will enchant you. Don't miss a visit to the Catholic Church of St George.



Situated almost 7 km away from Ermoupoli, it has remarkable tourist infrastructure, including beach soccer, and velvet, thin, white sand.

Syros Things to Do

The exterior and the main entrance of the Apollon Theater in Ermoupolis of Syros
photo: Zacharias Mitzelos
hidden gem

Apollon Theater


Inaugurated in 1864, its architectural design was inspired by four Italian theaters, including La Scala of Milan. It hosts music concerts and other events.

Pallas Summer Cinema

An open air cinema for movies under the stars. Strategically located close to tavernas for a meal before or after the show.

Kini Aquarium

Kini Aquarium hosts local marine life and exhibits them in a pleasant environment. It's clean and well-organized place that merits your visit.

A street with white buildings and a parked motorbike in front of Casino Syros.
low rating

Casino Syros

The staff of Casino Syros will make you feel at home. Roulettes, black jack tables, and slots - it is a cozy place to visit if you're feeling lucky.

Local Products & Flavors of Syros

Among the island's quality products, are the "loukoumi" of Syros (jelly candy), the halva pies (tahini), and the San Michali cheese.

Syros Attractions

The white walls of the Saint Pakou Chapel on the hill of Galissas and its open door.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Saint Pakou Chapel


Somewhat challenging to access, come here at the time of sunset and let it work on you. Colors, breeze, the view - a place for mindfulness.

«Resurrection of Christ» Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church dedicated to Christ's Resurrection dominates the surrounding area from the top of a hill with great views.

Ancient Greek columns at the entrance of the church and two tall bell towers surrounded by palm trees.
hidden gem

Agios Nikolaos Orthodox Church

A unique church where Orthodox, Catholic and ancient Greek architecture are combined in one building. Best view when lit at night.

The statue of Miaoulis at the homonymous square of Ermoupoli in front of the Town Hall of the city.
photo: Zacharias Mitzelos
must visit

Miaoulis Square


A lively place with cafés and children playing around, this square was designed by Bavarian architect Wilhelm von Weiler.

St. George's Cathedral

Ano Syros

Entering St. George's Cathedral, let the feelings of reverence and piety take you over. Then enjoy the majestic view over the entire town.

Big harbor of the 19th-century has a tradition in entrepreneurship, arts & culture.

Most populated Cycladic island with aristocratic style that reveals its noble past.

Orthodox & Catholic communities live harmoniously offering a distinctive color.

Syros Museums

Kyveli Institute

An unforgettable journey through time following a Greek actress whose story was intertwined with the history of Greece in the 20th century.

Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis

The first Greek electric car was built in 1973 and it's housed here. Unfortunately, there are no exhibit explanations in languages other than Greek.

Markos Vamvakaris Exibition

Ano Syros

Dedicated to the great Greek songwriter and composer, Markos Vamvakaris, if you love Greek music, this is a place to learn about it.

One of the rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Syros in Ermoupolis with exhibits close to the walls and a display.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Archaeological Museum of Syros

In this tiny museum with findings from the island, you can take a break from the day's heat. The oldest exhibit is 5000 years old.

Syros Island Hopping


The pilgrimage to Virgin Mary's Church is a unique cultural and religious experience for all visitors. Enjoy its hiking treks and delectable cuisine.


Cosmopolitan destination and the absolute magnet of the international jet-set, the island's name became synonymous with unlimited luxury and parties.

Syros Festivals

Syros International Film Festival

The Syros International Film Festival is held in various screens across the island, mostly in open air, projecting the works of foreign and Greek producers.

Syros Easter (Rituals & Customs)

In Syros, Orthodox and Catholic come together to celebrate Easter. With the liturgy of Resurrection, on Saturday night, the sky is lit with fireworks.