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Island in South Aegean

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do on Rhodes

Mandraki Port, Rhodes

Historic island port where the “deer statues” adorn its entrance. It’s an organized marina & serves tourist day-trips to small islands & Symi.

A picture showing the Fort of St. Nicholas, at the port of Rhodes Town.
photo: Jebulon
↗ NE   < 1km

Fort of St. Nicholas, Rhodes Town

Knight monument of the port erected by the Grand Master Zacosta between 1464-1467 and includes a lighthouse since the 17th century.

The front side and the main entrance of the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.
↓ S   < 1km

Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes Town

« Kastello »

Gothic castle founded in the 14th century by the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John.

A picture taken by the sea, showing the front side of the building of the Casino «Rodos».
↖ NW   < 1km

Casino «Rodos»

It is housed in one of the most emblematic architectural landmarks of the city, the building of the Grand Hotel of Roses erected in 1924.

A part of the Port of Kolona on Rhodes island during the evening.
photo: EffiDK / CC BY-SA 4.0
↘ SE   < 1km

Kolona Harbor, Rhodes

Close to the Medieval Town, the old island port that hosts larger yachts & links, Rhodes, with Dodecanese islands through catamaran speed ferries.

The Street of Knights in the Old Medieval Town of Rhodes.
↓ S   < 1km

Old Medieval Town of Rhodes

The oldest medieval European town that is continuously inhabited during centuries and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

The tourist port and Schengen Gate on the island of Rhodes.
photo: Szilas
↘ SE   ≈ 1.1km

Rhodes Cruise Port Terminal

The Cruise Port Terminal of the island and the place where passenger ships depart or arrive from numerous Aegean islands and Turkey.

The front side and the main entrance of the Aquarium of Rhodes.
↖ NW   ≈ 1.3km

Aquarium of Rhodes

Founded in 1935, it is a research unit and a public aquarium that offers a combination of entertainment, education, and awareness.

The Acadia Harbour on the island Rhodes.
photo: npinikas / CC BY 3.0
→ E   ≈ 1.8km

Rhodes Acandia Harbour

The commercial port of the island but also a place that can host larger ferry-boats that connect Rhodes with the mainland, Creta, & other islands.

Remains of the temple of Apollo at the Acropolis of Rhodes.
photo: Jebulon
↙ SW   ≈ 2.1km

Acropolis of Rhodes

Unfortified and located in one of the highest spots, it was a monumental area with sanctuaries, temples, and underground worshiping places.

A panoramic view of the Marina of Rhodes during the evening.
↘ SE   ≈ 3.2km

Marina of Rhodes

Contemporary and well-organised marina with modern infrastructure that makes it one of the safest in the Mediterranean.

A centuries-old plane tree at Rodini park in the city of Rhodos.
↓ S   ≈ 3.8km

Rodini Park, Rhodes Town

Its creation matches the foundation of the city itself (408 BC) and consequently it is considered one of the most ancient park in the world.

An overview of a part of Faliraki Port on Rhodes
photo: Karelj
↓ S   ≈ 17.9km

Port of Faliraki, Rhodes

Starting point for island sea-taxi services and day-cruises to the town of Rhodes, Lindos, the island of Symi as well as Marmaris in Turkey.

Travelers are leaving the transfer bus and embark on the airplane at the runway of Rhodes International Airport.
photo: Piotrus / CC BY 3.0
↙ SW   ≈ 18.1km

Rhodes International Airport

« Diagoras »

Named after the boxer of antiquity Diagoras from Rhodes, it's the 4th busiest Greek airport with more than 4/5 international passengers.

A close up photo of a butterfly in the Butterflies Valley Park of Rhodos.
↙ SW   ≈ 26.9km

Butterflies Valley Park of Rhodos

Natural habitat of a very rare species of butterfly (Panaxia Quadripunctaria) which appears in the park from mid-June to the end of September.

A big ship in the port and a part of the settlement of Symi, Greece.
photo: Scintella at English Wikipedia
← W   ≈ 49.9km


By entering its port someone witnesses the largest officially-preserved colorful settlement of distinctive neoclassical architecture.

The fortification of the Acropolis of Lindos, the contemporary settlement, and the beach of the area.
↓ S   ≈ 56.6km

Lindos Rhodes

Traditional village with impressive mansions owned by ship captains, build around the city acropolis hosting the Athena temple from the 6ht BC.

The small dock of Kamiros Skala on Rhodes island.
↙ SW   ≈ 57.3km

Kamiros Skala Port, Rhodes

It serves connection routes of smaller ferry boats to the island of Chalki through a trip that lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Questions & Answers about Rhodes

Why Visit Rhodes?
  • Its well-preserved medieval town was declared as a UNESCO monument in 1988.
  • A combination of cosmopolitan, traditional, nature, & cultural experiences.
  • Great tourist infrastructure with many facilities and genuine service.