Destinations in East Macedonia & Thrace, Greece

Interesting modern city and an important commercial hub of the northeastern Greece, that is located near the border with Turkey.

Typical coastal city of northern Greece that stands for its amazing views and the countless historical monuments of the broader region.

City of West Thrace region that merges the traditional architecture with a contemporary prospect and the long history of the broader area.

Religious and cultural crossroad of North-East Greece where Christians, Muslims, Pomaks, and Rom live and work harmoniously for centuries.

Water-rich city of the Macedonia region, famous for the short film festival, and the beautiful surrounding nature and landscape.

Family-friendly destination of the North Aegean. Famous for its incredible natural landscape, dense vegetation, and the amazing coastline.

Coastline town located 18km west of Kavala that is a major touristic destination and many of its inhabitants originate from Asia Minor.

Pristine island of the north Aegean Sea. A hidden gem for those seeking untamed nature, green landscape, and rich historical past.