Ionian Islands Best Destinations

This Ionian Sea island is best-known for its marvelous beaches, seaside promenades, delicious food, and trekking tracks with mind-blowing views.

Acharavi is a nice resort town with villas, suites, and rooms to let. Nice beaches, delicious food in taverns, and some nightlife. Nothing special.

A panoramic picture of the most famous attraction of Zakynthos, the Shipwreck (navagio) beach.
photo: Public Domain



A splendid place famous for its shipwreck beach, this Ionian island has majestic beaches, a shelter for endangered sea turtles, and several viewpoints.

The Old Castle, as it literally translates, has an old monastery and plenty of beaches. Cruises and sailing aren't a bad idea either. Great for families.

An aristocratic town with Venetian elements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here, you might get confused as to whether you are in Italy or Greece.

Kassiopi is surrounded by beautiful pebble beaches and once here, you want a day cruise to inaccessible beaches. Ideal for family vacations.

This island has everything. World-famous beaches, waterfalls and hike tracks, sunsets viewpoints, and historical sites. Where will you start?

An aerial photo of the coastal landscape at Porto Timoni beach, Corfu.



A green yet busy island with tons of historical sites and a magnificent Venetian town, Corfu has it all. Beach life, scenic drives, and history.

With catholic churches, castles, and Italian houses, the presence of Venetians is apparent all over this town. Don't skip the Bochali viewpoint.

When in the town of Kefalonia, don’t miss the chance to stroll for hours in the promenade, tan on nearby beaches, and visit a Sea Turtle Park.

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