West Macedonia Best Destinations

An overview of the central part of the Nymfaio village with the traditional stone-built houses of local architecture.



Nymfaio is a fairytale destination at an altitude of 1350 meters, famous for its stone house architecture and its breathtaking natural landscape.

The rural road leading to Grevena among mountains of great altitude.
photo: maxos_dim



There is not as much to do in this town as there is around it. Excursion for skiing and hiking in mountainous villages would be your best option.

This charming town on the shores of a lake offers many hiking opportunities, old architecture, and rich history. It's also a photographer's heaven.

A mountainous town, Kozani is known for its carnival customs and traditions. A step out of the city, you find many nearby destinations of interest.

You enjoy Florina better in the winter. With wild animal sanctuaries, hiking trails, and ski resorts close by, this is an excellent place for day trips.

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