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Island in South Aegean

A big ship in the port and a part of the settlement of Symi, Greece.
photo: Scintella at English Wikipedia

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do on Symi

Port of Gialos, Symi

The central port of the island which welcomes big ferry boats from the Greek mainland and the other islands of the Aegean.

A picture showing the carved War Memorial at the Symi Harbour.
↖ NW   < 1km

War Memorial, Symi Harbour

A rock-carved monument that honors and celebrates the integration of the island and the Dodecanese with Greece on the 8th of May 1945.
A picture of the clock tower of the port of Symi at the entrance of the port of the island.
↑ N   < 1km

Symi Clock Tower

At the entrance of the natural bay that host the port & the main town of Symi is located the Clock Tower that offers a western European notion.

A part of Gialos Settlement on Symi island by its natural bay.
photo: Scintella at English Wikipedia
↑ N   < 1km

Settlement of Gialos, Symi

Around a natural bay, it hosts the main port, while it is famous for its amphitheatrical architecture & its traditional colored mansions.

A plate with fried small prawns of Symi.
← W   < 1km

Local Food & Plates of Symi

Major dishes of the local cuisine are related to the quality of raw products and this includes definitely the small prawns and the goat meat.

One of the buildings in the town of Symi with traditional architecture and colors.
↓ S   < 1km

Chorio (Chora), Symi

« Ano Symi »

Central island settlement located at a higher altitude than the port, which stands for its traditional architecture and picturesque quarters.

The hill of the Symi acropolis including other buildings and the ruins of the castle.
↙ SW   < 1km

Symi Castle (Ruins)

« Kastro »

Fortification remains and typical acropolis at the highest point that offers great views.

A photo of marine antiquities in the form of pottery as exhibits of the Archaeological & Folklore Museum of Sym.i
photo: YouTube
↓ S   < 1km

Symi Museum (Archaeological & Folklore)

Founded in 1961 it hosts items from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine era as well as a folklore exhibition.

The stage that is going to host the artists just before an event at a square of Symi.
↙ SW   ≈ 1.4km

Symi Festival

Dating from 1995 the municipal arranged festival hosts numerous events where local cultural organizations and famous artists are taking place.

A photo of young women who take part in the custom of Koukouma on the island of Symi.
↙ SW   ≈ 1.4km

Custom of Koukouma, Symi

Traditional rite that takes place on the 2nd of May and involves the act of single young women who wish to dream the person they will marry.

Port of Panormitis on Symi island in front of the main entrance of the monastery.
photo: npinikas / CC BY 3.0
↓ S   ≈ 10.5km

Port of Panormitis, Symi

Wind-protected port of the natural bay of the homonymous monastery. It hosts day-trip boats from Rhodes as well as routes from nearby islands.

A picture of the front side and the main entrance of the Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis on Symi.
↓ S   ≈ 10.5km

Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis

Located in a protected bay of the south Symi from which derives its name, it composes one of the greatest pilgrimages of the Dodecanese.

Questions & Answers about Symi

Why Visit Symi?
  • 2500 colorful mansions compose the port-town providing an elegant & noble aura.
  • Culinary destination known for fresh fish, seafood, & famous for the local shrimp.
  • Numerous pilgrims and tourists visit the Panormitis Monastery on the Island.
What is Symi, Greece?

Symi is the 8th largest island of the Greek island-complex of the Dodecanese, It is located about 12 nautical miles northwest of Rhodes and just 3.7 miles from the coast of Turkey. The fame of Symi boosted due to a photo of 1988 when an American tourist magazine published the mansions of the main settlement, Mouragio. Since then, the tourist traffic is growing annually. The island is famous for its unique architecture, with colorful mansions, that compose an image similar to a Venetian village. Simi preserves its authentic sense since the locals have not been affected by tourism development. The island can be reached by boat via Rhodes which someone can reach by plane, or from the port of Piraeus during the whole year.

What are the crucial historical incidents for Symi, Greece?

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is believed that its name comes from the wife of the first resident, Glaucus. Simi mentioned by Homer in the Iliad, thanks to its participation in the Trojan war with three ships, led by the king, Nereus. Similar to the history of the other Dodecanese islands, Symi ruled by the Romans and then by the Byzantines. In 1309 it was occupied by the Knights of St. John, while in 1522 came under the Turkish rule that was marked by tremendous economic growth. This became possible due to tax benefits and other freedoms given by the Ottoman Empire. In 1912 it came to the Italian rule, followed the Second World War, while on March 7, 1948 Simi officially became part of Greece, along with the rest of the Dodecanese.