The pilgrimage to Virgin Mary's Church is a unique cultural and religious experience for all visitors. Enjoy its hiking treks and delectable cuisine.

Tinos Attractions


Our Lady of Tinos (Panagia Evangelistria)

The church hosts the icon of Virgin Mary "Evangelistria" which is believed to be miraculous and draws many pilgrims who crawl their way up to the church.


The Huge Rocks of Volax

A somewhat different landscape with round granite boulders close to a small Catholic village. Excellent material for photography.


Dovecotes of Tinos

In the past, islanders raised doves for food and fertilizer, a practice learned from the Venetians. Today, 1000 dovecotes decorate Tinos' hills and cliffs.

Tinos Why visit?

  • Ancient sources mention that it was suffering from great numbers of snakes.
  • Poseidon sent a muster of storks to clean up the snakes.
  • 150km (93 miles) of trails link scenic villages, chapels and beaches.