The pilgrimage to Virgin Mary's Church is a unique cultural and religious experience for all visitors. Enjoy its hiking treks and delectable cuisine.

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Tinos Attractions

Our Lady of Tinos (Panagia Evangelistria)

The church hosts the icon of Virgin Mary "Evangelistria" which is believed to be miraculous and draws many pilgrims who crawl their way up to the church.

The Huge Rocks of Volax

A somewhat different landscape with round granite boulders close to a small Catholic village. Excellent material for photography.

Dovecotes of Tinos

In the past, islanders raised doves for food and fertilizer, a practice learned from the Venetians. Today, 1000 dovecotes decorate Tinos' hills and cliffs.

Tinos Island Hopping


Home to most of Greece's Catholics, this island has a unique medieval town. Don't miss local traditional delicacies in taverns with live music.


Cosmopolitan destination and the absolute magnet of the international jet-set, the island's name became synonymous with unlimited luxury and parties.

150 km of paths link scenic villages, orthodox & catholic chapels & famous beaches.

Museums, chapels, & dovecotes reveal architectural, folk art & sculptural tradition.

Its 40 traditional villages are the island gems with natural & architectural beauty.