Destinations in Epirus, Greece

The biggest city of Epirus famous for its lake, its rich history, the nice food, as well as the vivid atmosphere due to the numerous students.

While the legend of its bridge is taught widely even in schools, it welcomes the visitor with many historical monuments and culinary options.

Surrounded by water of the Ambracian Gulf to the east and the Ionian Sea to the west it's a port-city of Epirus famous for its gorgeous sunset.

Ranked in second place in traffic among Greek ports, the city has evolved into a commercial and transit hub between Greece and Europe.

A picture of the Papingo mountain range taken from the homonymous village.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos

The mountainous region of two National Parks stands for its pristine nature and the distinctive architecture of its 46 preserved villages.

Combining local products, exclusive facilities, & preserving the tradition, it's classified as a flagship of the Greek alternative tourism.

Exclusive destination of the west coastline of the Greek mainland, that is very similar to the beautiful landscape of the Ionian Sea islands.

Major resort of Epirus, also known as the "Caribbean of Greece" due to its green coastline and the amazing beaches with crystal-clear waters.