Destinations in Central Macedonia, Greece

The second-largest Greek city, famous for its great historical past as well as a distinctive multicultural and an easy-going atmosphere.

The capital of the county of Pieria that is characterized by its numerous historic settlements and beautiful tourist destinations.

The town of northern Greece that stands out for its long history, the vivid daily life, and the beautiful nature of the broader region.

The biggest city of Imathia county that is famous for its traditional architecture, the numerous monuments, and its Byzantine past.

Undoubtedly, the advanced infrastructure and the modern facilities make Kassandra the heart of the tourist activity in Halkidiki.

Macedonian town that is famous for its waters and springs, while it is a great destination for its waterfalls and the traditional architecture.

Town of the Macedonia region, famous for its traditional architecture and its heroic contribution to the struggle of National Independence.

Numerous untouched natural landscapes, countless isolated beaches, and picturesque traditional villages can characterize this unique region.

The official seat and the biggest city of the municipality of Nea Propontida which is a famous fishing trading spot in North Greece.

The interior part of the county that combines the untouchable nature of the mountainous landscape and the beauty of the coast.

Coastal town in a short distance from Thessaloniki that hosts many second homes and is a well-known summer destination.

Being in the shadow of the home of the Gods it stands for the unique mountainous and sea views as well as for the amazing food.

The official seat of the Aristotelis Municipality that according to historians it is the contemporary continuation of the Ancient Akanthos.

A coastline town of the Thessaloniki prefecture that belongs to the municipality of Volvi and is a major destination during the summer.

Traditional settlement of the mountainous Halkidiki that is famous for the local architecture and the picturesque surrounding landscape.

A unique monastic state within the borders of Greece that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, hosts only male monks, and can be visited by males.

A village at the narrowest part of the Kassandra peninsula that is famous for the canal that connects the Thermaic with the Toroneos gulf.

The settlement that serves as the official coast of Katerini city and was developed to a major tourist destination during the summer months.

The absolute hidden gem in terms of natural beauty and astonishing beaches is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki.

Hosting a great number of endemic and other species of flora and fauna, while it is famous for its amazing landscape and rich history.