The town offers glimpses into Greece's Ottoman past, but it's mostly known for its lively nightlife, river fish restaurants, and live music bands.

Serres Things to Do

A panoramic picture of the Timiou Prodromou monastery surrounded by green natural landscape.
hidden gem

Timiou Prodromou Monastery

An impressive Orthodox monastery and religious landmark in an idyllic location cared for by hospitable lovely nuns. Its hagiography frescoes are impressive.

The artificial path of the visitable part of Aggitis Cave among numerous stalactites and stalagmites.
must visit
distant ≈ 45km

Cave Aggitis River


There aren't many places that offer you the possibility to visit an underground river. This is one of them - the underground springs of Aggitis river.

A photo showing plenty of stalagmites and stalactites formations.
must visit
distant ≈ 55km

Alistrati Cave

Slowly carved through limestone by the Aggitis river, this cave has subterranean formations that will amaze you. It's a kilometer long.

Picture of the Aggitis gorge including a flowing river, steep cliffs, and lush vegetation.
photo: Αλεξανδρίδης Ξενοφών
distant ≈ 55.8km
needs caution

Aggitis Gorge


The 15-kilometer impressive gorge where Aggitis river flows is a place or pristine nature, inner peace, and awe at nature's wonders.

Water slides in the Posidonio Water Park in Prosotsani of Drama.
distant ≈ 52.7km

Posidonio Water Park

A small water park with easy access and parking. Located around 15 km west of Drama in the village Prosotsani.

The waters of the Kerkini Lake reflecting the clouds and the blue sky.
distant ≈ 50.6km

Lake Kerkini National Park

This artificial reservoir soon grew into a rich ecosystem - Sir David would say, "it's teeming with life". Excellent for hiking and wild-life photography.

One of the slopes of the Lailias ski resort during the summer.
distant ≈ 27.8km

Lailias Ski Center

Α ski resort that usually gets good quality snow and attracts winter-sports lovers from Greece and abroad. It has three slopes.

The interior of the hall that hosts the warm pool and with beautiful mosaic walls.
low rating
distant ≈ 38.4km

Sidirokastro Thermal Baths

Sidirokastro spa promises relaxing and healing moments. Unfortunately, it could be in a better state, so check before you visit.

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Serres Why visit?

  • Its ancient name was Siris.
  • During Roman times, it grew in size and was named Sirra.
  • It was founded by Paeonians.

Serres Attractions

The memorial structure and barb-wire remnants on top of Fort Roupel hill.
photo: School TV by Aria Mavrogianni
hidden gem
distant ≈ 44.9km

Fort Roupel


During WWII, Fort Roupel was sieged by Germans and Bulgarians for four days. The tour is well-organized and will immerse you in Balkan history.


Liberty Square

Liberty Square is the town's central. A meeting point with plenty of shops and cafeterias that attract locals and visitors.


Ahmet Pasha «Mehmet Bey» Mosque

The Ahmet Pasha Mosque was built in 1492 and was once famous for its beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, it is not restored or open to public.


Zincirli Mosque

Founded in the late 16th century, Zincirli Mosque is renovated and open to the public. It hosts exhibitions and events.

Serres Museums


Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum

A hidden gem in Serres, this museum is great place to explore the history and the traditions of the Sarakatsani ethnic group

A picture of the interior of one room with displays and exhibits at the Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis.
distant ≈ 54.3km

Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis

The museum displays items from ancient Amphipolis that span from the Prehistoric to the Byzantine era. A top exhibit is a Spartan General's tomb.

A photo of the exterior of the Archaeological Museum of Serres (Bezesteni).
photo: senico / CC BY-SA 2.0

Archaeological Museum of Serres (Bezesteni)

Housed in an Ottoman covered market from the 15th century, the Archaeological Museum of Serres hosts sculptures and other archeological findings.