Mount Athos

The Holy Mountain is a monastic state of pristine beauty without much technology. No women are allowed in, and men follow the monks' program.

Mount Athos Attractions


Philotheou Monastery

Located in Mount Athos mainland on a spot of natural beauty among the dense vegetation, Philotheou Monastery is run by 70 monks.


Vatopedi Monastery

The second in the hierarchy, this monastery of the north-east Athos has a long history and attracts many guests.

A picture of the Iviron monastery, the vegetable gardens, and other facilities within a landscape of dense vegetation.
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Iviron Monastery

Third in hierarchy this impressive monastery hosts numerous invaluable relics and pieces of ecclesiastical art and other religious treasures.

A picture showing the exterior of the buildings that compose the defensive walls of the monastery of Hilandari.
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Hilandar (Chilandari) Monastery

Within the dense vegetation of Athos mainland, it is the religious center of Serbian Orthodoxy, and home to about 70 monks.

A picture of Dionysiou from the sea showing the architecture of the monastery built on the rock.
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Dionysiou Monastery

Having the form of a medieval castle, this monastery dominates over the coastal landscape. It's rich in relics and religious artifacts.

The Monastery of Pantokratoros and its chapels are built by the coastline.
photo: Aroche / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Pantokratoros Monastery

Being the 7th in the hierarchical ranking, this monastery and its chapels house 80 monks and also a rare full body hagiography of Virgin Mary.

A photo of the exterior of Zografou Monastery as it is surrounded by the dense mountainous vegetation.
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Zografos Monastery

Center of Bulgarian Orthodoxy hosting a mostly Bulgarian fraternity of 45 monks. It's located by dense forest.

The seafront, the churches, the facilities, and the dense vegetation in the background of Docheiariou Monastery.
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Docheiariou Monastery

A coastline Byzantine monastery that attracts thousands of pilgrims and is famous for the hagiography of Virgin Mary, the "Gorgoepikoos".

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Mount Athos Beaches


Ouranoupolis Beach

The last town before Mount Athos, Ouranoupolis, has a fine-sand beach by a medieval tower. A nice beach without many tourists.

Mount Athos Why visit?

  • An Autonomous Monastic State and center of the Orthodox monasticism.
  • Known as Virgin Mary's Garden.
  • Women are barred from entering but can cruise along the coastline.

Mount Athos Things to Do


Athos Boat Trips / Cruises (From Ouranoupoli)

Three-hour boat trip carried out daily from April to October, that will have you admiring Mount Athos' wilderness from afar. Open to women too.

Mount Athos Settlements

A central cobbled street of Karyes in Mount Athos and houses with the typical traditional architecture.
photo: Zacharias


Mount Athos

The capital of the monastic state hosts the administrative seat of Mount Athos and is located in the middle of the peninsula.