Here you can visit waterfalls and thermal springs, and enjoy the town's traditional architecture and a viewpoint. A ski resort is open in the winter.

Edessa Attractions


Church «Dormition of the Virgin Mary»

Byzantine church of the 14th century with characteristic ancient Corinthian columns that was for centuries the city's Cathedral.


Traditional District «Varosi»

A traditional district with typical Macedonian and Balkan architecture. An ideal destination for strolling in the streets taking pictures.


Edessa Waterfalls

A walk by running waterfalls has relaxing effects, especially if you visit early morning. It's a place for mindfulness and photography.


Byzantine Bridge in Kioupri Park

A beautiful oasis of relaxation named after the ancient bridge located at the park. Great for a quick visit and a walk.


The High Rock of Edessa

Magnificent panoramic view of Edessa's valley and Mount Vermio. Also, great food options. An excellent place for relaxation and an easy escape.


Old Hemp Factory of Edessa

Located at Varosi district, the old hemp factory is today abandoned and not maintained at all. It's ideal for urban/industrial decay photography.


Yeni Mosque

For an Ottoman mosque, it has an distinctive atypical architecture. It's a shame it's overlooked and not open to the public.

Edessa Why visit?

  • Edessa literally means the Tower in the Water.
  • It formerly was called Vodena, which is a Slavic name.
  • Its famous waterfalls attract numerous visitors.

Edessa Things to Do


Argatia Winery

Rodochori Naousa

Worth-visiting small family enterprise that respects the traditional wine-making and also invests in new scientific approaches.

An open-air thermal pool by the river flow at the Pozar area.
photo: C messier
distant ≈ 30.9km

Pozar Thermal Baths

Loutraki Pellas

Astonishing place used since antiquity. It has pools with cold water from the mountain and pools with hot thermal waters from the springs.

The snowy slope of Seli ski resort where the chalet and many guests are visible.
photo: Taspozi
distant ≈ 41.3km

Seli Ski Resort

The first and largest Greek ski resort is the perfect place for kids and families. Ideal also for beginners as the slopes are not too big.

An overview of the slopes and the facilities of the ski resort 3-5 Pigadia.
distant ≈ 27.3km

3-5 Pigadia Ski Center

Naousa Imathia

The resort is not too big. It has three red, two green, one black, and some blue slopes. It can generate artificial snow.