An absolute hidden gem in terms of natural beauty, delicious food, and astonishing beaches, this place is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki.

Ammouliani Beaches

The umbrellas and the sunbeds of a beach bar at the Alykes beach of Ammouliani.
hidden gem

Alykes Beach

Probably the most famous beach that hosts the island camping, while its fine sand and shallow waters make it ideal for families with kids.

Karagatsia Beach

Peaceful golden-sand beach named after the local vegetation (ftelia-karagatsi). While a canteen serves as a beach bar offering basic amenities.

Agios Georgios Beach

At the east part of the islet, it is named after the local chapel, while it offers some basic amenities through the local beach bar & taverna.

Ammouliani Settlements

Ammouliani Settlement

The only settlement of this tiny islet has 500 inhabitants, mostly engaged in fishing and tourism. Here you enjoy fabulous beaches in a calm atmosphere.

Questions & Answers about Ammouliani

Why Visit Ammouliani?
  • Old Vatopedi Monastery ownership, was granted to Asia Minor refugees in 1925.
  • The only inhabited island of Halkidiki with nearly 600 inhabitants.
  • Tiny destination of 4.5 kmĀ² that covers almost every demand.