This traditional settlement of mountainous Halkidiki is famous for its architecture and picturesque surrounding landscape. Explore on foot and by car.

Arnaia Beaches

A picture taken from the sea depicts people in the water and umbrellas and sunbeds at the Develiki Beach.
distant ≈ 33.4km

Develiki Beach

Develiki is a tiny fishing village with a quiet beach and a beach bar. Two nearby fish taverns are always ready to satisfy your palate.

A photo of the sandy beach and a pier in Olympiada, Halkidiki.
distant ≈ 27.5km

Olympiada Beach

Sandy beach with clear waters around which Olympiada village has been developed. It has plenty of food and drinks choice.

A picture of the settlement of Stratoni that includes Stratoni Beach.
distant ≈ 27.5km

Stratoni Beach

A well-organized beach with nice sand. There are beach bars, loungers, food, everything you need. Just bring your towel and sunscreen.

A photo depicting a family to enjoy the sun and the water at the Kampos (Ladhario) beach of Pyrgadikia.
photo: Pyraechmes
distant ≈ 26.7km

Kampos (Ladhario) Beach


A large semi-organized sandy beach with a beach bar, as well as beach volley and soccer fields. Note: a few steps in the sea and the waters get deep.

A photo depicting people, umbrellas, and sunbeds at the Stavros of the Volvi area of Thessaloniki.
distant ≈ 30.4km

Stavros Beach

The beach of Stavros is sandy with some pebble clusters, and its waters are shallow. Beach bars provide food and drinks. In three words: ideal for kids.

A photo of the Platani beach of Stavros showing trees reaching out to the sea.
distant ≈ 30.4km

Platani Beach


The extremely shallow and clear waters of Platani beach are kids favorite. On the beach, a plane trees cluster generously provides shade.

Many umbrellas and sunbeds lined up on the beach of Vrasna in the area of Volvi, Thessaloniki.
distant ≈ 33.2km

Vrasna Beach

Vrasna is on the same long beach on which Aprovalta is built. Nice beach bars that can get somewhat crowded and noisy, amazing blue waters. A great experience.

Arnaia Attractions

A picture showing the exterior of the church of Agia Marina surrounded by a green landscape.
hidden gem
distant ≈ 25.7km

Agia Marina Church


Impressive post-Byzantine church with a distinctive architectural style. Excellent for a stop, if travelling on the highway.


Holy Metropolitan Church of St. Stefanos

This church burned down in 2005 and during its restoration an amazing discovery was made - that it's actually ancient. Visit it to see findings on display.

The remnants of the Stagira archaeological site with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea in the background.
distant ≈ 28.5km

Ancient Stageira (Archaeological Site)

This is Aristotle's birthplace and the place he was buried too. His compatriots threw annual festivities to commemorate him and turned his tomb into an altar.


St. Paraskevi Grove

Located close to the village, this is a beautiful place into the woods, ideal for walks, play with kids, and also meditation.

An panoramic photo showing the hill and the remnants of the Rentina Castle surrounded by mountains and vegetation.
distant ≈ 26.4km

Byzantine Castle of Rentina

With traces of human presence since the Neolithic era, this strategic hilltop was a Byzantine castle, later used also by the Ottomans.

Arnaia Why visit?

  • One of the 12 mantemohoria, literally iron villages.
  • Mentioned by the ancient Greek historian Thucydides with the name Arni.
  • A mining powerhouse throughout its history, today it's a calm place.

Arnaia Day Trips

A traditional stone-built building that houses a taverna opposite to the central square of Vrasna.
distant ≈ 34.5km

«Vrasna» Traditional Village

This old village built on a slope stands out for its traditional architecture and spectacular views over Strymonikos gulf.


The proof that Halkidiki is not only about beach life, Polygyros dominates with its mountainous landscape and culture as well as its hiking paths.



Seafront town that gets many visitors during the summer season, especially from Thessaloniki and other nearby towns but also the Balkans.

Taxiarchis Halkidiki

Hidden in the Holomontas forest, this is a settlement with classic stone-built houses and churches. A jewel of mountainous Halkidiki.

The paved coastal promenade on the right and Olympiada beach on the left.
distant ≈ 27.3km



Settlement that was founded by Greek refugees from Asia Minor and bears the name of Alexander's mother. Decent beach, nice promenade.

Arnaia Things to Do


Mount Cholomon

Breathtaking natural landscapes that cover the biggest part of the central and east Halkidiki. There are trails but not as well developed.

The waters of the lake reflecting the blue skies, and one fishing boat is lying on the shore.
distant ≈ 26.7km

Lake Volvi

The largest lake in Macedonia has 24 fish species and many birds. Excellent for walks and relaxation, once here, try also the food.


Aristotle's Park


An absolutely worth-visiting theme park that educates visitors about Aristotle's physics with interactive methods. Excellent for children.

A picture of the waterfalls of Varvara in Halkidiki among rocks.
distant ≈ 22.5km

Varvara Waterfalls

In this area of natural beauty and dense vegetation, you will find these waterfalls - ideal for a short visit for relaxation.

Arnaia Museums


Weaving Museum of Arnaia

Shedding light to the distinctive textile art tradition of Arnaia that was an important source of income for the locals throughout centuries.


Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnaia

The Historical and Folklore Museum gives a view of everyday life and traditions of Arnaia in the past few centuries. A remarkable collection.