Village in Central Macedonia

This traditional settlement of mountainous Halkidiki is famous for its architecture and picturesque surrounding landscape. Explore on foot and by car.

Attractions, Beaches & Things to Do in Arnaia

Church of St. Stefanos

Besides being the main and church of the town of Arnaia, it is also a building and a spot of great historical and archaeological interest.

km 0

Weaving Museum of Arnaia

Shedding light to the distinctive textile art tradition of Arnaia that served for centuries as an important source of income for the locals.

↙ SW
< 1km

Historic and Folklore Museum of Arnaia

Provides a clear image of the everyday life the habits, and the traditions of the Arnaia inhabitants.

↙ SW
< 1km

St. Paraskevi Park

«Agia Paraskevi»

Located very close to the settlement, a destination of recreation for locals and visitors of Arnaia.

↗ NE
≈ 1.1km

Mount Cholomon, Chalkidiki


Breathtaking natural landscapes that cover the biggest part of the central and east Halkidiki.

↙ SW
≈ 10.3km

Taxiarchis Halkidiki

Hidden in the Holomontas forest, this is an untouched settlement that reveals the original picture of rural mountainous Halkidiki.

↙ SW
≈ 13.1km

Aristotle's Park, Stagira

An absolutely worth-visiting theme park that educates the public about Aristotle's physics rules through interactive appliances.

→ E
≈ 19km

Varvara Waterfalls

Hidden in an area of natural beauty and dense vegetation is a unique and stunning destination that attracts many relaxation seekers.

↗ NE
≈ 22.8km

Lake Volvi, Thessaloniki

The largest in Macedonia and the second largest natural lake of Greece that is a significant natural reserve for the whole area.

An overview of the city of Polygyros surrounded by mountains and dense vegetation.
photo: Luc.T / CC BY 2.0


The proof that Halkidiki is not only about beach life, Polygyros dominates with its mountainous landscape and culture as well as its hiking paths.

↙ SW
≈ 25km

Agia Marina Church, Rentina

Impressive post-Byzantine church with an exceptional and distinctive architectural style with the rock to be the main constructional material.

↑ N
≈ 25.7km

Rentina Castle

A spot with traces of human presence from the Neolithic era that became a crucial fortification from the Byzantine until the Ottoman period.

↑ N
≈ 26.4km
A photo depicting a family to enjoy the sun and the water at the Kampos (Ladhario) beach of Pyrgadikia.
photo: Pyraechmes

Kampos (Ladhario) Beach, Pyrgadikia

A large semi-organized sandy beach with a beach bar, as well as beach volley and soccer fields.

↘ SE
≈ 26.6km

Olympiada, Chalkidiki

Settlement that was founded by Greek refugees from Asia Minor and bears the name of the mother of Alexander the Great.

↗ NE
≈ 27.3km

Olympiada Beach, Aristotelis Halkidiki

Sandy beach with pebbles while entering the water, while it offers numerous food and drink choices.

↗ NE
≈ 27.5km

Stratoni Beach, Aristotelis Halkidiki

A well-organized public beach that stands for its sand and takes advantage of the amenities and the infrastructure of the local settlement.

→ E
≈ 27.6km

Archaeological Site of Ancient Stageira

The remnants of an ancient city that is exceptionally famous due to the fact that it is the homeplace of the ancient philosopher Aristotle.

↗ NE
≈ 28.5km

Stavros, Thessaloniki

Town located in the western part of the Strymonic Gulf with a famous seafront that attracts many tourists during the summer season.

↗ NE
≈ 30km

Platani Beach, Stavros Volvi

Εxtremely shallow and crystal-clear waters of a beach located west of Stavros by a small oasis of plane trees that offer natural shadow.

↗ NE
≈ 30.4km

Stavros Beach, Volvi Thessaloniki

Main beach of Stavros located next to the small fishing port. It's sandy with pebbles clusters and its shallow waters make it ideal for kids.

↗ NE
≈ 30.4km

Vrasna Beach, Volvi Thessaloniki

A mixed sandy, with few pebbles, beach belongs to the settlement located in the foothills of the mountain between Asprovalta and Stavros.

↑ N
≈ 33.5km

Develiki Beach, Aristotelis Halkidiki

Tiny fisherman settlement with the homonymous quiet beach that is partly organized but hosts two tavernas famous for their fresh fish.

↘ SE
≈ 33.7km

Old Vrasna Village

Old village built on the slope of Strymonikos gulf standing for its traditional architecture, the delicious local dishes and the amazing views.

↑ N
≈ 34.3km

Spa of Nea Apollonia, Loutra Volvis

The currently closed spa facilities of Nea Apollonia which were famous for the healing properties of their thermal springs.

↖ NW
≈ 35.1km


Close to the famous philosopher's birthplace, here you will find Aristotle's Theme Park, a series of beaches, and boat tours to Mount Athos.

→ E
≈ 36.2km

Yerakini, Polygyros Halkidiki

A coastline village that evolved from a small settlement of miners during the '60s to a well-known tourist destination.

↙ SW
≈ 37.3km

Psakoudia Beach, Polygyros Halkidiki

Long sandy beach located between Kassandra & Sithonia where the pine trees reach the coast.

↓ S
≈ 37.5km

Galatista, Polygyros (Anthemountas) Halkidiki

Rural community of Polygyros Municipality located on a spot that connects the areas of central Macedonia with mountainous Halkidiki.

← W
≈ 37.7km
A panoramic photo depicting the houses of Asprovalta with the sea and the mountains as a background.
photo: Knop92


This coastal town attracts many local and Balkan tourists and offers experiences that range from waterfalls and beaches to lakes and ancient ruins.

↑ N
≈ 38.3km

Sithonia Halkidiki

If you prefer natural beauty to nightlife, Sithonia is abundant with isolated beaches, glamorous beach bars, and scenic drives. Best for families.

↓ S
≈ 38.9km

Metamorfosi Beach, Polygyros Halkidiki

Typical beach of Halkidiki where the local flora and the pine trees reach the long sandy coast.

↓ S
≈ 40.5km

Questions & Answers about Arnaia

Why Visit Arnaia?
  • Built at an altitude of 600 m. it's one of the most scenic villages of north Chalkidiki.
  • Mentioned by the ancient Greek historian Thucydides with the name Arni.
  • Declared "traditional settlement" since 1986.