In Olympus' shadow, Litochoro stands out for its elegant blending of mountain and sea, jungly green beaches, as well as for its delicious food.

Litochoro Beaches

Some steps leading to a part of Platamon beach among the dense vegetation.
distant ≈ 22.7km

Platamonas Beach

East Olympos

This beach in front of Platamonas town has access to all amenities you might need. Kind people, pebbles under your feet, clean waters. And nightlife.

The long beach of Nei (Neoi) Pori with a lifeguard tower close to the sea and the Mount Olympos in the background.
photo: BANÁR / CC BY 3.0
distant ≈ 26.3km

Nei (Neoi) Pori Beach

East Olympos

Wide and 5-km long beach with amenities offered by nearby hotels, bars, and restaurants. Awarded with a blue flag. It has lifeguard service.

A picture showing the beach of Olympiaki Akti (Katerinoskala) with many people enjoying the sun and the sea.
distant ≈ 24.8km

Olympiaki Akti (Katerinoskala) Beach

Well-organized, sandy, and shallow-waters beach approximately 4-km long. Loved by families with children.

A picture of the beach of Skotina at east Olympos with the Castle of Platamonas in the background.
photo: Zdvihak / CC BY 3.0

Skotina Beach

East Olympos

Swimming enjoying a view of a Medieval castle? Skotina is your place. Long beach awarded with blue flag, fine-sand, and lifeguard service.


Panteleimonas Beach

East Olympos

At Panteleimonas Beach tall trees touch the sand under the imposing Medieval castle of Platamon. Shallow-waters patch where kids play safely.


Leptokarya Beach

East Olympos

At Leptokarya, you enjoy a view of Mount Olympus while swimming. The place has fantastic sunrises too. Down-side, it usually gets crowded.

A photo showing many umbrellas and sunbeds at the beach of Nea Mesangala at Tempi (Kato Olympos).
distant ≈ 33.7km

Nea Mesangala Beach

Kato Olimpos

Located close to Pinios delta, Nea Mesangala is a partly developed beach with amenities and accommodation options. Being crowded would be unusual.

A beach volley court, a blue flag sign, and numerous umbrellas and sunbeds at the Korinos beach of Katerini.
photo: Lemur12 / CC BY 3.0
distant ≈ 33.8km

Korinos Beach


Korinos beach is less crowded than other Katerini beaches. With fine sand and shallow waters, it's an ideal choice for families.

Litochoro Things to Do

A picture of the exterior of the Kanalon monastery surrounded by the dense vegetation of the area.
photo: Hermann Hammer

Kanalon Monastery


An old and historical monastery hidden in the dense vegetation of the southern part of Mount Olympus. It's worth a visit.

The inner yard, the main church, and the surrounding buildings of the old monastery of St. Dionysios.
hidden gem

Old Monastery of St. Dionysios of Olympus

At the foothills of the highest Greek mountain, this monastery stands out for its beauty and relics. There is a small cave-church within walking distance.

The front side and the main entrance of the Holy Shrine of Agia Paraskevi in Tempi.
photo: Lemur12 / CC BY 2.0
hidden gem
distant ≈ 36.6km

St. Paraskevi Holy Shrine Tempi

If you're traveling between Athens and Thessaloniki, this chapel is an ideal stop. A fantastic environment with a river and spring water from Mount Olympus.

A rock at Orlias is showered by water falling from above. A picture with vibrant green in and out the waters.
must visit

Orlias Stream

The trail to Orlias is a fantastic experience, and the waterfalls at the end of it are just refreshing. Families with children will love it.


Old Vrontou Village

Old Vrontou is a village wiped from the map by Nazi bombardments. Great for pictures or excursion in the nature for some distinctive pictures.

Suspension bridge in Tempi Valley, that connects one bank of the Pinios River with the of Shrine of Agia Paraskevi area.
distant ≈ 36.6km

Tempe Valley

At the foot of Olympus and partitioned by a river, this place has an almost mythological aura, especially some mornings when it's shrouded in mist.

A picture showing the waterslides and a part of the facilities of the Waterpark Kariba at Paralia of Katerini.
distant ≈ 27.4km
temp. closed

Kariba Water Gamepark

Many waterslides suitable for children over 7 years old, a well as other entertaining and adventurous games in the Kariba Water Gamepark.

Litochoro Why visit?

  • The first recorded mention of Litochoro is in the 16th century.
  • The starting point for hikes to the Mount Olympus.
  • Its name means the simple village.

Litochoro Attractions


Agia Marina Chapel

Agia Marina chapel is at the town's entrance. It's located in a green and peaceful area and has a sizeable yard.


Agios Nikolaos Church

At the town center, a church dedicated to Litochoro's patron saint, St Nicholas. It was founded in 1580, and since then, it has been renovated three times.


Litochoro Municipal Park

The Municipal Park of Litochoro hosts a maritime museum, a playground, and a fountain in a green landscape. It has a great view of Olympus.


Archaeological Site of Dion

Wandering through the partly-restored ruins of this ancient Macedonian town is one thing. The views of an imposing Mount Olympus is another.


Platamon Castle

East Olympos

Medieval fortress that dominates the landscape of Platamonas and has a great history. Definitely stop by for a picture as the place is not open to public.

Litochoro Day Trips

A rural narrow road among the dense vegetation and the mountain range of Olympus in the background..
photo: afilitos

Mount Olympus

Home of the Greek Gods and numerous endemic species, Olympus is just excellent for trekking. Do not skip a visit to Dion - you will love it.


A cute town made more interesting by many choices present close by: beaches, an impressive medieval castle, and almighty Olympus, Home of the Gods.

Paralia Katerini

The beach of Katerini is so popular that, in time, it grew into a village offering accommodation, restaurants, and other services to those visiting.