Paralia Katerini

Village in Central Macedonia

The beach of Katerini is so popular that, in time, it grew into a village offering accommodation, restaurants, and other services to those visiting.

Attractions, Beaches & Things to Do in Paralia Katerini

Square, Bridge & Fountain of Paralia Katerini

A spot that is always included in the evening walks and offers great views ideal for some photos.

km 0

Paralia Katerini Beach

Long-sandy beach along a settlement that serves as a major tourist destination offering vibrant entertainment many restaurants and beach bars.

↓ S
< 1km

Port of Paralia Katerini

A wind-protected fishing boat selter that can be visited by tourists and hosts also some sailing and tourist speedboats.

↓ S
< 1km

Waterpark Kariba, Paralia Katerini

Numerous big waterslides which are suitable for children over 7 years old. Entertaining, adventurous, and fresh-looking destination.

← W
≈ 1.1km

Olympiaki Akti (Katerinoskala) Beach, Pieria

Well-organized, sandy, and shallow beach that is 4 km long and attracts many families with children.

↓ S
≈ 4.5km
A beach volley court, a blue flag sign, and numerous umbrellas and sunbeds at the Korinos beach of Katerini.
photo: Lemur12 / CC BY 3.0

Korinos Beach, Katerini Pieria

Α less crowded option than other Katerini beaches with fine sand and shallow waters compose an ideal choice for families & tranquility seekers.

↑ N
≈ 6.8km


A cute town made more interesting by many choices present close by: beaches, an impressive medieval castle, and almighty Olympus, Home of the Gods.

← W
≈ 11.7km

Archaeological Site (Park) of Dion

An ancient settlement in the shadow of mount Olympus that served as the holy city of the Macedonian State.

↙ SW
≈ 19.3km


In Olympus' shadow, Litochoto stands out for its elegant blending of mountain and sea, jungly green beaches, as well as for its delicious food.

↙ SW
≈ 26.9km
A rural narrow road among the dense vegetation and the mountain range of Olympus in the background..
photo: afilitos

Mount Olympus

Home of the Greek Gods and numerous endemic species, Olympus is just excellent for trekking. Do not skip a visit to Dion - you will love it.

↙ SW
≈ 28.3km

Leptokarya Beach, Pieria

Sandy and small pebble beach of the settlement located at the foothills of mount Olympus includes excellent infrastructure and facilities.

↓ S
≈ 32.5km

Old Monastery of St. Dionysios in Olympus

Located at the foothills of the highest Greek mount stands for its great history and heirlooms.

↙ SW
≈ 33.7km
A picture of the beach of Skotina at east Olympos with the Castle of Platamonas in the background.
photo: Zdvihak / CC BY 3.0

Skotina Beach, East Olympos

Fine golden-sand beach that is more than 2 km long, is blue-flag awarded and stands for its quality infrastructure and its lifeguard service.

↓ S
≈ 37.4km

Panteleimonas Beach, East Olympos

Organized sand & small pebble beach where tall trees are reaching the coast and the nearby castle of Platamon offers a great view.

↓ S
≈ 39.3km

Platamon Castle, East Olympos

Medieval fortress that dominates the landscape of Platamonas and has a great history during the centuries.

↓ S
≈ 40.7km

Platamonas Beach, East Olympos

Combining the green of the trees with the blue of the sea, while being next to a medieval castle and having Mount Olympus in the background.

↓ S
≈ 42.5km
A picture of the exterior of the Kanalon monastery surrounded by the dense vegetation of the area.
photo: Hermann Hammer

Kanalon Monastery, Karya

An old and historical worth-visiting monastery hidden in the dense vegetation of the southern part of Mount Olympus.

↓ S
≈ 44.2km
The long beach of Nei (Neoi) Pori with a lifeguard tower close to the sea and the Mount Olympos in the background.
photo: BANÁR / CC BY 3.0

Nei (Neoi) Pori Beach, East Olympos

Wide & long blue-flag beach of 5 km takes advantage of the amenities offered by the hotels, bars, and restaurants of the local settlement.

↓ S
≈ 45.3km

Elatochóri Ski Center

A relatively new ski resort located at a historical and picturesque village that is quite close to the national highway of Greece.

← W
≈ 47.1km

Royal Tombs & Archaeological Site of Vergina

Major archaeological site that sheds light on the Macedonian history and includes an exhibition of artifacts of great value and significance.

↖ NW
≈ 47.5km

Questions & Answers about Paralia Katerini

Why Visit Paralia Katerini?
  • Affordable destination with good infrastructure, many facilities, and easy access.
  • Village of 1500 residents transforms into a resort that hosts over 50000 guests.
  • Attracts tourists from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, and Poland.