Paralia Katerini

  • Beach Of Katerini

Village in Central Macedonia

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The fountain of Paralia at the square by the beach.
km 0

Square, Bridge & Fountain of Paralia Katerini

A spot that is always included in the evening walks and offers great views ideal for some photos.

A picture showing the beach of Paralia Katerini with a church and buildings of the homonymous settlement in the background.
↓ S   < 1km

Paralia Katerini Beach

Long-sandy beach along a settlement that serves as a major tourist destination offering vibrant entertainment many restaurants and beach bars.
A part of the Port of Paralia Katerini.
↓ S   < 1km

Port of Paralia Katerini

A wind-protected fishing boat selter that can be visited by tourists and hosts also some sailing and tourist speedboats.

A picture showing the waterslides and a part of the facilities of the Waterpark Kariba at Paralia of Katerini.
← W   ≈ 1.1km

Waterpark Kariba, Paralia Katerini

Numerous big waterslides which are suitable for children over 7 years old. Entertaining, adventurous, and fresh-looking destination.

A picture showing the beach of Olympiaki Akti (Katerinoskala) with many people enjoying the sun and the sea.
↓ S   ≈ 4.5km

Olympiaki Akti (Katerinoskala) Beach, Pieria

Well-organized, sandy, and shallow beach that is 4 km long and attracts many families with children.

A beach volley court, a blue flag sign, and numerous umbrellas and sunbeds at the Korinos beach of Katerini.
photo: Lemur12 / CC BY 3.0
↑ N   ≈ 6.8km

Korinos Beach, Katerini Pieria

Α less crowded option than other Katerini beaches with fine sand and shallow waters compose an ideal choice for families & tranquility seekers.

The fountain at the central pedestrian street of Katerini.
← W   ≈ 11.7km


The capital of the county of Pieria that is characterized by its numerous historic settlements and beautiful tourist destinations.

Remains of the Isis Temple at the archaeological site of Dion.
↙ SW   ≈ 19.3km

Archaeological Site (Park) of Dion

An ancient settlement in the shadow of mount Olympus that served as the holy city of the Macedonian State.

A picture of the settlement of Litochoro with the snowy Mount Olympus as a background.
↓ S   ≈ 26.9km


Being in the shadow of the home of the Gods it stands for the unique mountainous and sea views as well as for the amazing food.

A rural narrow road among the dense vegetation and the mountain range of Olympus in the background..
photo: afilitos
↙ SW   ≈ 28.3km

Mount Olympus

Hosting a great number of endemic and other species of flora and fauna, while it is famous for its amazing landscape and rich history.

The facilities of a beach bar at the beach of Leptokarya.
↓ S   ≈ 32.5km

Leptokarya Beach, Pieria

Sandy and small pebble beach of the settlement located at the foothills of mount Olympus includes excellent infrastructure and facilities.

The inner yard, the main church, and the surrounding buildings of the old monastery of St. Dionysios.
↙ SW   ≈ 33.7km

Old Monastery of St. Dionysios in Olympus

Located at the foothills of the highest Greek mount stands for its great history and heirlooms.

A picture of the beach of Skotina at east Olympos with the Castle of Platamonas in the background.
photo: Zdvihak / CC BY 3.0
↓ S   ≈ 37.4km

Skotina Beach, East Olympos

Fine golden-sand beach that is more than 2 km long, is blue-flag awarded and stands for its quality infrastructure and its lifeguard service.

A photo of the beach of Panteleimonas with the castle of Platamon in the background.
↓ S   ≈ 39.3km

Panteleimonas Beach, East Olympos

Organized sand & small pebble beach where tall trees are reaching the coast and the nearby castle of Platamon offers a great view.

The walls of the castle of Platamonas among the dense vegetation and the blue sky in the background.
↓ S   ≈ 40.7km

Platamon Castle, East Olympos

Medieval fortress that dominates the landscape of Platamonas and has a great history during the centuries.

Some steps leading to a part of Platamon beach among the dense vegetation.
↓ S   ≈ 42.5km

Platamonas Beach, East Olympos

Combining the green of the trees with the blue of the sea, while being next to a medieval castle and having Mount Olympus in the background.

A picture of the exterior of the Kanalon monastery surrounded by the dense vegetation of the area.
photo: Hermann Hammer
↓ S   ≈ 44.2km

Kanalon Monastery, Karya

An old and historical worth-visiting monastery hidden in the dense vegetation of the southern part of Mount Olympus.

The long beach of Nei (Neoi) Pori with a lifeguard tower close to the sea and the Mount Olympos in the background.
photo: BANÁR / CC BY 3.0
↓ S   ≈ 45.3km

Nei (Neoi) Pori Beach, East Olympos

Wide & long blue-flag beach of 5 km takes advantage of the amenities offered by the hotels, bars, and restaurants of the local settlement.

A snowy slope of Elatochori ski resort with ski-lovers going downhill under the sun shining.
← W   ≈ 47.1km

Elatochóri Ski Center

A relatively new ski resort located at a historical and picturesque village that is quite close to the national highway of Greece.

The main entrance of the tomb of the Philip ll in Vergina.
↖ NW   ≈ 47.5km

Royal Tombs & Archaeological Site of Vergina

Major archaeological site that sheds light on the Macedonian history and includes an exhibition of artifacts of great value and significance.

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Why Visit Paralia Katerini?
  • Affordable destination with good infrastructure, many facilities, and easy access.
  • Village of 1500 residents transforms into a resort that hosts over 50000 guests.
  • Attracts tourists from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, and Poland.