Naousa, Imathia

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Attractions, Sights & Things to Do in Naousa, Imathia

Central Square (& The Obelisk) of Naousa

A relatively new monument which construction finished in 2002, and is located in Karatasou square.

Municipal Park of Naousa

A source of clean air, recreation and relaxation that attracts locals and visitors at the center of the city of Naousa.
A representation of a woman working at the loom.
← W   < 1km

History & Folklore Museum of Naousa

Wide range of exhibits that shed light to the traditions and the history of the city.

The Massacre memorial of Naousa where a statue of a woman with two children in her arms stands on a bunch of rocks.
↙ SW   < 1km

Memorial of the Naousa Massacre

« Stoumpani »

Monument of the sacrifice of Naousa inhabitants in 1822, that followed the city siege by the Ottomans during the battle of Greek Independence.

The flow of Arapitsa through the city of Naousa among numerous high trees.
↙ SW   < 1km

Arapitsa River, Naousa Imathia

Apart from creating amazing natural views through its flow in the city of Naousa, it is famous as the place of the ultimate sacrifice.

A bottle of wine and a glass of red wine behind it. Both on a wooden wine barrel.
↘ SE   ≈ 1.3km

Dalamara Winery, Naousa

With its vineyards located at the foothills of Mount Vermio, it continues the winemaking tradition that started in 1840 by John G. Dalamaras.

The statue of Aristotle at the archaeological site of Mieza.
→ E   ≈ 3.3km

Archaeological Site of Mieza «School of Aristotle»

Unique area of the antiquity where Alexander the Great meets the great philosopher Aristotle and gets his teachings about the world.

High platanus trees by the banks of Arapitsa river at Agios Nikolaos of Naousa build up a green landscape.
→ E   ≈ 7.6km

Agios Nikolaos National Park, Naoussa

Amazing destination that brings the visitor closer to nature offering relaxation and fine landscapes.

The illuminated front of the Macedonian Tomb of Judgment and visitors admiring it behind the fence.
↗ NE   ≈ 8.8km

Macedonian Tomb of Lefkadia

A well-preserved monument discovered in 1954, which is famous for its painted facade that makes it to be called as the Tomb of Judgement.

The building of the Argatia Winery in Rodochori with a vineyard at the front yard.
↖ NW   ≈ 10.7km

Argatia Winery, Rodochori

Worth-visiting small family enterprise, that respects the tradition but also invests on a scientific approach regarding local winemaking.

An overview of the slopes and the facilities of the ski resort 3-5 Pigadia.
← W   ≈ 12.3km

3-5 Pigadia Ski Center, Naousa Imathia

A modern resort with contemporary facilities that attracts numerous ski lovers.

The snowy slope of Seli ski resort where the chalet and many guests are visible.
photo: Taspozi
↙ SW   ≈ 15.5km

Seli Ski Resort, Kato Vermio

The first and the largest ski resort of the country of Greece that was founded in 1934 and attracts many guests on an annual basis.

A house in the city of Veria renovated following the traditional Macedonian architecture.
↘ SE   ≈ 22.6km


The biggest city of Imathia county that is famous for its traditional architecture, the numerous monuments, and its Byzantine past.

The waterfall of Edessa with the valley of Edessa and Pella in the background.
↑ N   ≈ 26.3km


Macedonian town that is famous for its waters and springs, while it is a great destination for its waterfalls and the traditional architecture.

Questions & Answers about Naousa, Imathia

Why Visit Naousa, Imathia?
  • The official name of the city is "The Heroic City of Naousa"
  • Hosting some famous Greek wineries while "Xinomavro" is a notable wine variety.
  • Heart for the Greek textile industry for more than a century.
What is Naousa, Greece?

Naousa is a city of northern Greece located at the foothills of Vermio mountain, close to the city of Veria. Nearby there is a series of very famous attractions such as Saint Nicholas, 3-5 Pigadia, and Seli ski resorts. Surrounded by orchards of peaches, apples, cherries, and many other fruits, the broader area is one of the major production centers of Greece.