Close to the famous philosopher's birthplace, here you will find Aristotle's Theme Park, a series of beaches, and boat tours to Mount Athos.

Ierissos Beaches


Drenia Island Beach

Drenia is a tiny uninhabited islet with turquoise waters, a few beach restaurants, and lots of time. There is little other to do but lay on the beach.


Develiki Beach

Develiki is a tiny fishing village with a quiet beach and a beach bar. Two nearby fish taverns are always ready to satisfy your palate.


Nea Roda Beach

Long sandy beach just in front of Nea Roda with nice beach bars and some tavernas nearby. Nothing too fancy but it's a quiet and pleasant.

A panoramic photo that shows a part of the Voulitsa Beach at Nea Roda of Halkidiki.
photo: Chryspan at English Wikipedia

Voulitsa Beach

Nea Roda

Voulitsa is a small sandy cove that can be reached through a dirt road. It has deep waters and interesting underwater life, so take your mask and snorkel.


Ouranoupolis Beach

The last town before Mount Athos, Ouranoupolis, has a fine-sand beach by a medieval tower. A nice beach without many tourists.

A photo of the sandy beach and a pier in Olympiada, Halkidiki.
distant ≈ 32.1km

Olympiada Beach

Sandy beach with clear waters around which Olympiada village has been developed. It has plenty of food and drinks choice.


Stratoni Beach

A well-organized beach with nice sand. There are beach bars, loungers, food, everything you need. Just bring your towel and sunscreen.


Ierissos Beach

The longest beach in Halkidiki, here you can walk by the waves for hours. Developed and close to villages, clean waters, trees down to the wave swash.

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Ierissos Day Trips


This traditional settlement of mountainous Halkidiki is famous for its architecture and picturesque surrounding landscape. Explore on foot and by car.

Mount Athos

The Holy Mountain is a monastic state of pristine beauty without much technology. No women are allowed in, and men follow the monks' program.


An absolute hidden gem in terms of natural beauty, delicious food, and astonishing beaches, this place is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki.

Sithonia Halkidiki

If you prefer natural beauty and nightlife, Sithonia is abundant with isolated beaches, glamorous beach bars, and scenic drives. Best for families.

The paved coastal promenade on the right and Olympiada beach on the left.
distant ≈ 31.8km



Settlement that was founded by Greek refugees from Asia Minor and bears the name of Alexander's mother. Decent beach, nice promenade.

Ierissos Why visit?

  • It has a 11km (4.2 miles) long beach .
  • Its ancient name was Akanthos or Acanthus.
  • An entering point to the monastic state of Mount Athos.

Ierissos Attractions

The remnants of the Stagira archaeological site with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea in the background.
distant ≈ 31.4km

Ancient Stageira (Archaeological Site)

This is Aristotle's birthplace and the place he was buried too. His compatriots threw annual festivities to commemorate him and turned his tomb into an altar.


Byzantine Tower of Prosphorion

The 12th century Byzantine tower at the seafront is now Ouranoupoli's landmark. You can enter the building and learn more.

The remains and the main entrance of the main church of the ancient monastery of Zygos.
photo: Knop92

Zygou Monastery (Ruins)

An ancient monastery of Mount Athos that was abandoned at the beginning of the 12th century. It's close to a nice beach, so maybe you combine them?


Ancient Akanthos

The remains of Akanthos, and ancient town extending over three hills. No signage, so history lovers should do their homework first.

Ierissos Things to Do

The statue of Aristotle and the mountain behind the Aristotle's Park.
distant ≈ 25.4km

Aristotle's Park


An absolutely worth-visiting theme park that educates visitors about Aristotle's physics with interactive methods. Excellent for children.

A picture of the waterfalls of Varvara in Halkidiki among rocks.
distant ≈ 35.8km

Varvara Waterfalls

In this area of natural beauty and dense vegetation, you will find these waterfalls - ideal for a short visit for relaxation.


Athos Boat Trips / Cruises (From Ouranoupoli)

Three-hour boat trip carried out daily from April to October, that will have you admiring Mount Athos' wilderness from afar. Open to women too.