Do you want to visit antiquities, eat well, and party hard? This large coastal city has a distinctive multicultural past and renowned nightlife.

Thessaloniki Things to Do


Zeitenlik Graveyard

In the Zeitenlik Graveyard lay 20,000 tombs of Serbian, French, British, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian and Greek soldiers from WWI.


Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki's waterfront lends the city its sea-breeze feel and sometimes a view of Olympus. Open and alive, it is a local favorite.


OTE Tower

The distinctive shape of the Telecommunications tower catches the eye. Ideal for a coffee with panoramic view from the top deck.


Concert Hall of Thessaloniki

At the Thessaloniki Concert Hall you enjoy concerts and other high-quality performances, less often opera, and also exhibitions.


Vlatadon Monastery

You can appreciate ancient hagiography in the partly restored Vlatadon monastery of the 13th century and visit the garden and the peacocks.


Seih Sou Forest

Thessaloniki's forest was planted in 1920s with mostly foreign tree species. Locals' favorite escape from city's buzz into a serene environment.


Royal Theatre

A theater with a costume exhibition, a small library, and a rooftop art café-bar suitable for taking pictures of the White Tower and the port.


Cruise Bars

This pirate boat will cruise you around Thessaloniki's gulf. With bubbles or a beer in hand, enjoy a different view on the city.

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Thessaloniki Attractions

A brick-built Byzantine church with a few arched windows among blocks of apartments.
hidden gem

Church of the Virgin Mary Acheiropoietos

Built in the place of an ancient Temple of Venus, the Church of the Virgin Mary Acheiropoietos has the finest columns and mosaic floors.

The front part, including a part of the yard, and the main entrance of the church of St. Demetrius.
must visit

Church of Saint Demetrius

It's worth visiting the cathedral of Thessaloniki's patron, St Demetrius. It is included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.


Byzantine Church of St. Panteleimon

St. Panteleimon is a Byzantine church still in use. A piece of living history surviving on Egnatia, a busy street. Worth a short visit, if you come across it.

The statue of Alexander the Great with skaters in front of it and the sea in the background.
hidden gem

«Alexander the Great» Statue

The city takes pride in its ancient history, and in particular its Macedonian heritage. Alexander's statue attracts tourists and skaters.


White Tower

Thessaloniki's trademark, the White Tower, was built by Eastern Romans, turned into a prison by the Ottomans, and into a museum by the Greeks.


Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki

For more than 1300 years, Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki has been attracting believers. It has excellent mosaics and a heavy but elegant architecture.


Zongolopoulos Umbrellas

A urban-environment contemporary art piece decorates the seafront promenade. Enjoy a long walk and you will encounter Zongolopoulos Umbrellas.


Byzantine Church of Panagia Chalkeon

A small oasis of history, the Byzantine Church of Panagia Chalkeon is in the heart of a small park. Certainly get inside for a spiritual break.

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Thessaloniki Why visit?

  • Named after one of Alexander the Great's sisters.
  • Second only to Constantinople, Thessaloniki is rich in Eastern Roman history.
  • Hosting 15 monuments listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Thessaloniki Museums


Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The modern house of Ancient Macedonia, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki has so many interesting exhibits. Not to be missed.


Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

As the Ottoman Empire was slowly collapsing, competing nations strived to capture pieces of Macedonia. The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle tells their story.

A fighter jet pilot on the screen of the simulator room and seats thrusting forward.
photo: NOESIS / CC BY-SA 3.0

Noesis Science Museum

A fun place with tons of educational experiences. Science exhibitions, a dome screen room, a cosmotheater, a simulator, and a planetarium. Anything else?

A guy's head that look like it's cut appears in a plate on a table.
photo: tiqets

Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki

The Museum of Illusions of Thessaloniki uses geometry and illusions to create scenes for unforgettable pictures that you want to share on social media.


War Museum of Thessaloniki

In the last century, Thessaloniki went through two world wars, two Balkan wars, and civil strife. Learn more in the War Museum of Thessaloniki.


MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

House of many impressive exhibitions on topics as diverse as COVID's impact on city life, identity in psychology, and urban landscape.


Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation A.U.TH.

The Teloglion Foundation is a fantastic cultural space with curious exhibits, impressive presentation, and several artistic events.


Museum of Byzantine Culture

Probably the biggest Byzantine museum in the world, it hosts a difficult-to-find and complete exhibition of the Eastern Roman Empire through time.

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Thessaloniki Festivals

International Film Festival of Thessaloniki

Every year, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival hosts rising-star and established filmmakers. Directors, actors, cinephiles, and flashing cameras.

A panoramic view of the facilities of the International Fair of Thessaloniki (TIF-HELEXPO)
photo: Public domain

International Fair of Thessaloniki (TIF-Helexpo)

The Thessaloniki International Fair is a week-long event in September that gathers attention from global industry and commerce.

A picture showing the crowd among the benches of various publishers at the International Book Fair of Thessaloniki.
photo: ΔΕΒΘ

Thessaloniki International Book Fair

An annual event that brings Thessaloniki in the center of bookworms' interest. There are books in many languages that satisfy every niche.

Alexander the Great Marathon

The Marathon starts from the Macedonian palace of Pella and finishes at Alexander's statue in Thessaloniki. It also hosts 5km and 10km competitions.

Thessaloniki Day Trips

Nea Kalikratia

If you are trapped in Thessaloniki during summer, Nea Kalikratia is your easy escape to an OK beach. It's well-organized and superbly family-friendly.

A picture taken from the Nea Apollonia spa showing Volvi lake.
low rating
distant ≈ 54.8km
temp. closed

Apollonia Spa

Loutra Volvis

The Apollonia spa and thermal springs are good enough for a few relaxing hours. The waters are not too warm but the sulfuric smell is.

A central street of the village of Galatista with shops and other traditional buildings.
distant ≈ 47.6km


Polygyros Halkidiki

Picturesque village with old-style stone architecture and a Byzantine tower. A fantastic place to relax and stroll around in the beautiful streets.



A coastal resort town accessible also by the White tower waterbus. Easy escape for Thessalonians in hot summer days as there's good food and an OK beach.