Nea Moudania

This is a busy fishing port with a promenade and an abundance of seafood restaurants and fish barbeques. Some tourists use it as a base for day trips.

One typical street in a residential neighborhood of Nea Moudania in Halkidiki.
photo: Hombre / CC BY-SA 3.0

Nea Moudania Day Trips

Kassandra Halkidiki

With incredible beaches and nightclubs, Kassandra is a fitting choice for young people. That said, many calm villages make it a family destination too.

Sithonia Halkidiki

If you prefer natural beauty and nightlife, Sithonia is abundant with isolated beaches, glamorous beach bars, and scenic drives. Best for families.


The proof that Halkidiki is not only about beach life, Polygyros dominates with its mountainous landscape and culture as well as its hiking paths.

Nea Kalikratia

If you are trapped in Thessaloniki during summer, Nea Kalikratia is your easy escape to an OK beach. It's well-organized and superbly family-friendly.

Nea Potidea

A village famous for its canal that connects the Thermaic with the Toroneos gulf. It has decent beaches, lovely beach bars, and good tavernas.


Polygyros Halkidiki

A coastal village that evolved from a small settlement of miners during the '60s to a popular tourist destination today.

A central street of the village of Galatista with shops and other traditional buildings.
distant ≈ 35.9km


Polygyros Halkidiki

Picturesque village with old-style stone architecture and a Byzantine tower. A fantastic place to relax and stroll around in the beautiful streets.

The stone-built main church and other buildings by a street of Taxiarchis village of Halkidiki.
distant ≈ 40.9km

Taxiarchis Halkidiki

Hidden in the Holomontas forest, this is a settlement with classic stone-built houses and churches. A jewel of mountainous Halkidiki.

Nea Moudania Things to Do


Mount Cholomon

Breathtaking natural landscapes that cover the biggest part of the central and east Halkidiki. There are trails but not as well developed.


Amphitheatre of Nea Moudania

Open-air theater located by the sea that every summer hosts performances, concerts, and events of the Thalassa (Sea) Festival.

The main entrance and the kiosk that sells tickets at the Petralona cave of Halkidiki.
distant ≈ 25.3km
temp. closed

Petralona Cave (Red Stones)

An impressive cave where the skull of a Homo heidelbergensis was found dating from between 300,000 and 700,000 years ago.

Nea Moudania Why visit?

  • Halkidiki's biggest town with nearly 9500 inhabitants.
  • Famous for its fish-taverns.
  • Founded in 1922 to house refugees from Mudanya, Turkey.

Nea Moudania Museums


Byzantine Culture Center «Justin»

A museum in a historical building (Metochi Flogiton) that, in the past, has been a monastery and a hospital. Enjoy the views too.


Fisheries Museum

Love fishing? Don't miss this small exhibition that details fishing methods and showcases boats and fishing tools from old times until today.

Nea Moudania Beaches

A part of the beach of Psakoudia, Halkidiki that includes numerous umbrellas and sunbeds of a beach bar.
distant ≈ 26.2km

Psakoudia Beach

Long sandy beach with views of Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas. Relax in one of the beach bars near pine trees touching the sea.

A photo of the Metamorfosi beach of Halkidiki taken between the umbrellas and sunbeds of a local beach bar.
distant ≈ 37.6km

Metamorfosi Beach

Typical Halkidiki beach with sand and small rocks, clean waters, and pine trees on the beach. Metamorfosi has all a beach-goer could ask for.