Corfu Town

An aristocratic town with Venetian elements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here, you might get confused as to whether you are in Italy or Greece.

Corfu Town Attractions

The front side of the exterior and the main entrance of the St. Spyridon Church in the old town of Corfu.
must visit

Saint Spyridon Cathedral

The most known church of the island hosts the relics of Saint Spyridon, and, being located in the old town, it attracts many visitors and worshippers.


Byzantine Church of Sts. Jason & Sosipatros

The oldest Greek Orthodox church on the island, the Church of Sts. Jason and Sosipatros dates from the 11th century.


Pontikonisi Islet


This natural islet got its name from its mouse-like shape - "pontiki" in Greek - and is now one of Corfu's top trademarks.

An overview of the Vlacherna Monastery and the narrow pedestrian bridge in Corfu island.
photo: Public Domain

Panagia Vlacherna Monastery

Picturesque and most-photographed, this white temple is located on a small islet that can be reached by a 300 meters long bridge from the coast.


Corfu Old Venetian Fortress

This robust fortification on two hills has successfully repulsed numerous sieges throughout centuries. Locally referred as "Fortezza".


Corfu New Venetian Fortress

To built this massive fortress, the Venetians had to demolish more than 2.000 buildings. Today it hosts concerts and art exhibitions.


Mon Repos Villa

The home of Empress of Austria and birthplace of Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth's husband), this palace is used as an archaeological museum.

Corfu Town Museums

A Serbian flag flying over the Serbian Museum of Corfu.
photo: Milica Markovic
hidden gem

Serbian Museum of Corfu

When the Austro-Hungarian Empire defeated Serbia in WWI, the government and army found refuge in Corfu. This museum tells their fascinating story.

A robotic female figure in a cooking scene at the Casa Parlante Museum of Corfu.
photo: Casa Parlante

Casa Parlante Museum

Casa Parlante's amazing staff will guide you inside a 19th-century mansion where robotic figures perform traditional life routines. A memorable visit.


Banknote Museum of Alpha Bank

A free-entrance museum with private guides. An astonishing journey into the history of Europe's economy through Greek banknotes. Don't miss it.


Asian Art Museum - Corfu

The century-old museum, originally of Chinese and Japanese Arts, has now many exhibits from all over Asia. A truly unusual place for a Greek island.


Corfu Gallery

Small and packed with modern art by local artists, the Corfu Gallery is a fascinating stop while wandering in the Old Town.


Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Worth-visiting museum that covers a broad historical period . Its exhibits start from the island's prehistoric past and unfold into the Roman era.

The stairs leading to the Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa.
photo: Dr.K. / CC BY-SA 3.0

Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa

If you are into Byzantine or religious history, don't miss this place. A 15th-century Ionian Basilica turned museum with dozens of icons and heirlooms.

Corfu Town Why visit?

  • Having been under Venetian rule for 400 years, it has an Italian charm.
  • The first theater of modern Greece, San Giacomo, was inaugurated here in 1733.
  • The island has been a colony of Corinthians.

Corfu Town Day Trips

Kassiopi Corfu

Kassiopi is surrounded by beautiful pebble beaches and once here, you want a day cruise to inaccessible beaches. Ideal for family vacations.


The Old Castle, as it literally translates, has an old monastery and plenty of beaches. Cruises and sailing aren't a bad idea either. Great for families.

Acharavi Corfu

Acharavi is a nice resort town with villas, suites, and rooms to let. Nice beaches, delicious food in taverns, and some nightlife. Nothing special.