Corfu Town

An aristocratic town with Venetian elements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here, you might get confused as to whether you are in Italy or Greece.

Attractions & Things to Do in Corfu Town

Port of Corfu Town

Central island port with routes to Albania & Italy (summer) as well as Diapontia islands, Igoumenitsa & Paxos together with summer day-trips.

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New Venetian Fortress of Corfu

Later fortification that was reinforcing the city defensively, standing on the west part it used to have connecting walls with the Old Fortress.

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≈ 2.1km

St. Spyridon Church

The most well-known church of the island that hosts the relics of Saint Spyridon, and being located in the old town attracts many faithful.

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≈ 2.7km
A huge crowd in front of the high buildings of the Spianada Square in Corfu wait to observe the custom of Botides.
photo: Manu / CC BY 2.0

Corfu Easter (Rituals & Customs)

Unique Easter festivity where the Orthodox and the Catholic communities celebrate harmoniously accompanied by the numerous island bands.

The Liston, Corfu Town

Central pedestrian street western of Spianada Square famous for the mansions with the large arches, the restaurants, and the cafeterias.

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≈ 2.9km

Spianáda Square

Officially the largest in size square in Greece gets its name from a Venetian word that is used to describe open flat area.

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≈ 3km

Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Worth-visiting museum that covers a broad historical period including the prehistoric past of the island and evolving until the Roman era.

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≈ 3.1km

Old Venetian Fortress of Corfu


The robust old fortification that successfully repulsed numerous sieges.

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≈ 3.5km

Corfu International Airport

«Ioan. Kapodistrias»

Named after the first governor of Greece, it has domestic flights during the winter & numerous international & charter seasonal flights.

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≈ 3.9km

Byzantine Church of Sts. Jason & Sosipatros

The oldest church of the island and a worth-visiting Byzantine monument dating from the 11th century.

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≈ 4.3km

Mon Repos (Paleopolis Archaeological Museum)

A real palace with long history transformed to the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis.

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≈ 4.9km
An overview of the Vlacherna Monastery and the narrow pedestrian bridge in Corfu island.
photo: Public Domain

Vlacherna Monastery, Corfu

Picturesque and most-photographed white temple located on a small islet that can be reached by a 300 meters long bridge from the coast.

↓ S
≈ 6.6km

Pontikonisi Islet, Corfu

A green nature-preserved islet that serves as one of the Corfu trademarks, while it gets its name from its mouse-like shape.

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≈ 7.2km

Questions & Answers about Corfu Town

Why Visit Corfu Town?
  • Being under Venetian rule for 400 years, it embodies a multi-aspect Italian charm.
  • The first modern Greek theater (San Giacomo) inaugurated here in 1733.
  • Spianada Square in the old city is the largest square in the Balkan region.