A green yet busy island with tons of historical sites and a magnificent Venetian town, Corfu has it all. Beach life, scenic drives, and history.

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Corfu Attractions

Pontikonisi Islet


This natural islet got its name from its mouse-like shape - "pontiki" in Greek - and is now one of Corfu's top trademarks.

An overview of the Vlacherna Monastery and the narrow pedestrian bridge in Corfu island.
photo: Public Domain

Panagia Vlacherna Monastery

Picturesque and most-photographed, this white temple is located on a small islet that can be reached by a 300 meters long bridge from the coast.

Remains of the ancient theater of the ancient city of Gitana close to Igoumenitsa.
distant ≈ 42km

Archeological Site of Ancient Gitana

The remains of ancient Gitana, the region's capital around 330BC. It's not as difficult to find and the way is filled with beauty.

Mon Repos Villa

The home of Empress of Austria and birthplace of Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth's husband), this palace is used as an archaeological museum.

Corfu Day Trips

Corfu Town

An aristocratic town with Venetian elements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here, you might get confused as to whether you are in Italy or Greece.


Once here, you will find yourself having many day trip opportunities to nearby historical sites, natural beauty spots, and boat tours to islands.


This small colorful town is the ┬źCaribbean of Greece┬╗ due to its pristine beaches with turquoise waters, glowing sunsets, and relaxed atmosphere.

Cosmopolitan & exclusive destination that hosts some of the best hotels in Greece.

Probably the first Greek island the historically started to welcome foreign tourists.

Venetians, French, and British were rulers who affected culturally the island.

Corfu Settlements

A picture showing a tourist boat and many other sailing boats in the marina of Plataria during an evening.
distant ≈ 49.9km



Picturesque village on a bay of the Ionian sea, well-known as a safe natural port. It usually has sunsets with glowing colors.