A green yet busy island with tons of historical sites and a magnificent Venetian town, Corfu has it all. Beach life, scenic drives, and history.

Corfu Beaches


Arillas Beach

One of Corfu best beaches, Arillas has magnificent sunsets, clay and sand to play with, and crystal-clear waters. By a street - walk on for the quiet part.


Avlaki Beach


A pebble beach without crowds and loud noises. Don't forget to bring a mask and snorkel and your umbrella. In the morning, enjoy the natural shade.


Agios Stefanos Beach


Shallow waters, low surf, magnificent sand. Ideal for kids. Beach bars offer amenities. Walk along and you find the beach's pristine part. Colorful sunsets.


Agios Georgios Beach

St George is a long sandy beach on a crescent bay. Nice beach bars. From here you can take a boat to Timoni, a secluded beach on the bay's headland.


Kontogialos Beach


Wide, sandy, organized - Kontogialos is among Corfu's top beaches. Clean waters, great sunsets, quality beach bars. Take mask and snorkel.


Marathias Beach

Among Corfu best beaches, Marathias is sandy, long and wide, and so spacious. You will find a few beach bars with quality services. Sunsets are mind-blowing.

Blue sunbeds on the pebble beach of Barbti and green - blue waters in the background.
photo: Jeff

Barbati Beach

If you dont mind the pebbles, Barbati is a fantastic beach at the feet of an imposing rock. Sunbed rental, bars, and space for your own umbrella.


Kerasia Beach


If you consider that villages and buildings are visual pollution, then Kerasia is for you. The Cherry Tree beach as it translates has space for everyone.

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Corfu Things to Do


Spianáda Square

Spiniada is officially the largest square in Greece and it got its name from a Venetian word meaning 'an open flat area'.

Candles burn in Paleokastritsa monastery as some visitors show interest in religious art decorating the place.
photo: Petr Aust / CC BY 2.0

Paleokastritsa Monastery

A fantastic monastery on a scenic cape but not for high season. Anyhow, visit also the viewpoints and Nausika's cave for pictures, and the donkey station.

Paleokastritsa's rock, on to of which is the viewpoint, for not having found any better picture.
photo: Luc Coekaerts

Paleokastritsa Viewpoint

A viewpoint with views of Paleokastritsa's bays, the monastery, the infinite sea, and steep-rock cliffs. Go there for sunset. Simply breath-taking, innit?


The Blue Eye Cave

Don't go to this place without mask and snorkel. You will miss 90% of what's to see. Shimmering-blue waters, nice cave. Fabulous by kayak.


Pantokrator Monastery

The 1347 monastery is lovely but the breathtaking panoramic view is why most people take the windy roads to the hilltop. Unless in summer, hike to this place.


Kaiser William II Observatory

Here you lay your eyes on the same view that a German Emperor had. With a few more buildings and powerlines, I suppose. Don't miss it if you're nearby.

Two striped sedimentary rocks in the sea and a striped beach at Cape Drastis.
photo: Public Domain

Cape Drastis

Erosion has worked miracles at Cape Drastis. An excellent setting for exotic pictures with panoramic views. Sunset time is definitely best.


Aqualand Corfu Water Park

Kids love water parks, and Aqualand's hydrotubes, catapults, and multi-slides promise serious fun times. A convenient place for the whole family.

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Corfu Attractions

The front side of the exterior and the main entrance of the St. Spyridon Church in the old town of Corfu.
must visit

Saint Spyridon Cathedral

The most known church of the island hosts the relics of Saint Spyridon, and, being located in the old town, it attracts many visitors and worshippers.


Byzantine Church of Sts. Jason & Sosipatros

The oldest Greek Orthodox church on the island, the Church of Sts. Jason and Sosipatros dates from the 11th century.


Pontikonisi Islet


This natural islet got its name from its mouse-like shape - "pontiki" in Greek - and is now one of Corfu's top trademarks.

An overview of the Vlacherna Monastery and the narrow pedestrian bridge in Corfu island.
photo: Public Domain

Panagia Vlacherna Monastery

Picturesque and most-photographed, this white temple is located on a small islet that can be reached by a 300 meters long bridge from the coast.

Angelokastro is a small castle on top of a rocky bulge on top of a hill.
photo: Dr.K. / CC BY-SA 3.0

Angelokastro Castle

A golden-light sunset at an Angel's Castle? It's on top of a hill, and the view will blow your mind. Low fee, nice café-resto with a fantastic sea view.


Panagia Kassopitra Church

You will undoubtedly come across the beautiful Cassopetra church if you wander around. Enter, light a candle, and get some quiet time.


Corfu Old Venetian Fortress

This robust fortification on two hills has successfully repulsed numerous sieges throughout centuries. Locally referred as "Fortezza".

Achilleion, a neoclassical palace colored in olive green and beige.
photo: Public Domain
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A villa frequented by 19th-century royals, Achilles' Mansion has lovely interior decoration, artwork, and gardens. Somehow however, it's overrated.

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Corfu Why visit?

  • Poseidon abducted the nymph Korkyra and brought her to the island.
  • The island of Phaeacians that helped Ulysses return to Ithaca.
  • Venetian, French, and British rule influenced the island's culture.

Corfu Settlements

Corfu Town

An aristocratic town with Venetian elements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here, you might get confused as to whether you are in Italy or Greece.

Kassiopi Corfu

Kassiopi is surrounded by beautiful pebble beaches and once here, you want a day cruise to inaccessible beaches. Ideal for family vacations.

Acharavi Corfu

Acharavi is a nice resort town with villas, suites, and rooms to let. Nice beaches, delicious food in taverns, and some nightlife. Nothing special.


The Old Castle, as it literally translates, has an old monastery and plenty of beaches. Cruises and sailing aren't a bad idea either. Great for families.

Agios Gordios

Agios Gordios enjoys scenic views to cliffs and a rock in the sea. Clean waters, nice sand, and several tavernas around. And sunsets tend to be awesome.


A picturesque village with a viewpoint from where German Emperor Wilhelm II enjoyed sunsets. Great as a base to explore central Corfu, and close to the town.

Agios Stefanos Avliotes

Home to long beach, Agios Stefanos is a great place to stay a few nights and explore northern and eastern Corfu, especially if you like a calm ambience.

Moraitika houses in an area covered by cypresses and other trees.
photo: Tero Vilkesalo


A tiny village turned tourist resort, Moraitika is sparsely populated, except its old district, which has a traditional island feel. Base for southern Corfu.

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Corfu Museums

A Serbian flag flying over the Serbian Museum of Corfu.
photo: Milica Markovic
hidden gem

Serbian Museum of Corfu

When the Austro-Hungarian Empire defeated Serbia in WWI, the government and army found refuge in Corfu. This museum tells their fascinating story.

A robotic female figure in a cooking scene at the Casa Parlante Museum of Corfu.
photo: Casa Parlante

Casa Parlante Museum

Casa Parlante's amazing staff will guide you inside a 19th-century mansion where robotic figures perform traditional life routines. A memorable visit.


Banknote Museum of Alpha Bank

A free-entrance museum with private guides. An astonishing journey into the history of Europe's economy through Greek banknotes. Don't miss it.


National Gallery Corfu

Kato Korakiana

A small but totally worth-your-visit place. It's a collection of paintings and art pieces from the last two hundred years. Low entrance fee.


Asian Art Museum - Corfu

The century-old museum, originally of Chinese and Japanese Arts, has now many exhibits from all over Asia. A truly unusual place for a Greek island.


Corfu Gallery

Small and packed with modern art by local artists, the Corfu Gallery is a fascinating stop while wandering in the Old Town.

Visitors are looking at the exhibits at the Folklore Museum of Acharavi.
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Folklore Museum of Acharavi

Daily-life items, tools and weaving machines, and traditional costumes place you in Corfu's historical context. Worth your time - low entrance fee.


Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Worth-visiting museum that covers a broad historical period . Its exhibits start from the island's prehistoric past and unfold into the Roman era.

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