Zakynthos Town

With catholic churches, castles, and Italian houses, the presence of Venetians is apparent all over this town. Don't skip the Bochali viewpoint.

Attractions & Things to Do in Zakynthos Town

Port of Zakynthos Town

Main island port with a frequent connection with Killini, can accommodate tourist-vessels and offers day-trips excursions in summer.

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An image of the exterior of the church of St. Dennis (Agios Dionisios) on the island of Zakynthos.
photo: Maesi64 / CC BY 3.0

St. Dennis Church of Zakynthos

«Agios Dionysios»

Founded in 1948, it's dedicated to the island's patron saint, while it hosts the saint relic.

↙ SW
< 1km

House / Museum «Casa Ugo Foscolo»

The rebuilt house that spent the first part of his life the Italian writer, revolutionary, and poet.

↖ NW
< 1km

Dionysios Solomos Square

Central and largest square of the town dedicated to the Greek national poet whose statue it hosts.

↑ N
≈ 1.2km

Church Agios Nikolaos of Molos

Founded in 1561, it's the only structure of Venetian architecture that survived the earthquake of 1953.

↑ N
≈ 1.2km

Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos

Founded in 1960 in a building constructed after the disastrous 1953 earthquake, it hosts an exhibition dating from the 12th to 19th century.

↑ N
≈ 1.3km
The front side and the main entrance of the museum of D. Solomos & Eminent People of Zakynthos.
photo: Maesi64

Museum of D. Solomos & Eminent People of Zakynthos

It houses the Mausoleum of the National poet Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos and his wife.

↑ N
≈ 1.5km

San Marco Catholic Church

Initially founded in 1518 and rebuilt after the 1953 earthquake, it gave its name to the central square.

↑ N
≈ 1.5km

Bochali View Point & Cafe

The highest point of the homonymous hill with amazing views and nice coffee and food options.

↖ NW
≈ 1.9km

Bochali Venetian Castle of Zakynthos

Old Venetian fortification probably built in 1480 and rebuilt in 1514 after its destruction by the Turks.

↖ NW
≈ 2km

Zakynthos Airport

«Dionysios Solomos»

With the name of the national Greek poet, it has frequent flights to Athens, numerous seasonal connections, & charters to European destinations.

↙ SW
≈ 4.2km

Zakynthos Sea Turtle Rescue Center, Gerakas

A volunteer's work in an informative center and museum with a nice souvenir shop and a bar.

↘ SE
≈ 15.1km

Keri (Limni Keri), Zakynthos

It is a small seasonal lake and a fully evolved touristic settlement with a picturesque beach surrounded by souvenir shops and tavernas.

↙ SW
≈ 16.9km

Questions & Answers about Zakynthos Town

Why Visit Zakynthos Town?
  • Destroyed to a great extent at the devastating earthquake of 1953.
  • Impressive mansions and picturesque squares maintain the traditional old style.
  • Great infrastructure and modern facilities compose valuable tourist experiences.