Island in Ionian Islands

This island has everything. World-famous beaches, waterfalls and hike tracks, sunsets viewpoints, and historical sites. Where will you start?

Attractions & Things to Do in Lefkada

Port of Lefkada

Tourist & sailing boats can anchor here instead of the local marina, while during the summer day-trip boats connect it with other Ionian islands.

km 0

Angelos Sikelianos Museum, Lefkada Town

The family house of the famous poet turned to a modern, sophisticated museum inaugurated in 2017.

↖ NW
< 1km

Ethnikis Antistasis Square, Lefkada Town

Central marble-paved square at the town heart surrounded by many cafés, restaurants, and stores.

↑ N
< 1km

St. Spyridon Church, Lefkada Town

Located in front of the central square of the town, while it was inaugurated in 1685 and reconstructed in 1836 after many earthquake damages.

↑ N
< 1km

Marina of Lefkada

Well-organised and large marina with good infrastructure as well as restaurants, mini market, shops and other facilities in a short distance.

↘ SE
< 1km

Footbridge of Lefkada Town

Wooden bridge which is a relatively new attraction built in 2002. It is located in the west part of the promenade and offers a wonderful sunset.

↑ N
< 1km

Archaeological Museum of Lefkada

Founded in 1999, it is housed in the municipal building of the cultural center and hosts excavation findings that depict the island history.

↖ NW
< 1km

Castle of Agia (Santa) Mavra

Medieval castle founded in 1300, located near the bridge that connects the island with the mainland.

↗ NE
≈ 2.5km
A picture showing the belfry and other facilities of the Faneromeni Monastery at the area of Frini on Lefkada.
photo: Upp75 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Faneromeni Monastery, Frini Lefkada

Dedicated to Virgin Mary who is the patron saint of the island, it has a long history and is located to a spot famous for its magnificent view.

← W
≈ 3.8km
A panoramic picture showing a part of the Kathisma Beach on the island of Lefkada.
photo: Alf van Beem

Kathisma Beach, Lefkada

Well-organized and vivid beach that stands for its huge dimensions and includes numerous beach bars that compose a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

↙ SW
≈ 15.6km

Exanthia, Lefkada

Mountainous village located at an altitude of 628 m. famous for its beautiful sunset, and the outstanding veranda of «Rachi» restaurant.

↙ SW
≈ 15.8km

Nidri - Dimosari Waterfalls

Close to Nidri village and after a 20-minute walk in Dimosari gorge, are located 2 impressive waterfalls.

↓ S
≈ 16.7km
The main building of Aktion - Preveza Airport at a picture taken from the runway of the airport.
photo: Alf van Beem

Aktion - Preveza Airport

A small regional airport which serves Preveza, Lefkada & a big part of the west coast. It's linked seasonally with many European airports.

↗ NE
≈ 17.3km


Surrounded by the Ambracian Gulf to its east and the Ionian Sea to its west, this calm port-town has gorgeous sunsets, promenades, and walks.

↑ N
≈ 18km

Port of Nidri, Lefkada

Based on the number of connections, it's the busiest island port that provides year-round routes to Kefalonia and many more islands in summer.

↓ S
≈ 19.5km

Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis

A modern and large exhibition inaugurated in 2011, that hosts findings unearthed during the excavations at the ancient Roman city.

↑ N
≈ 25.3km

Archaeological Site of Nikopolis

A city founded by the first emperor of the Roman Empire Caesar Augustus as a reminder of the naval battle of Actium in 31 AD.

↑ N
≈ 27.8km

Port of Vasiliki, Lefkada

Picturesque port of a uniquely beautiful settlement that offers tourist day-trips to Paxos & Antipaxos during the summer season.

↓ S
≈ 34.2km

Egremni Beach, Lefkada

Surrounded by huge cliffs to which the beach owes its name, it is 2,5 km long and after the 2015 earthquake can be reached only by ship.

↙ SW
≈ 35.3km

Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world that stands under a huge rock, looks like a natural pool and can be reached through 100 steps.

↙ SW
≈ 40.7km

Questions & Answers about Lefkada

Why Visit Lefkada?
  • It includes some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the Mediterranean.
  • It gets its name from the cape "Lefkata" at the southernmost tip of the island.
  • Majestic sunsets that can be admired from the west part of the island.