Acharavi Corfu

Acharavi is a nice resort town with villas, suites, and rooms to let. Nice beaches, delicious food in taverns, and some nightlife. Nothing special.

Acharavi Corfu Beaches

A man getting out of the sea at Almiros beach. Mountains and clouds in the background.
photo: Karen / CC BY-SA 2.0

Almiros Beach

Like Acharavi beach, Almiros is a sand-and-pebbles beach with exceptional sunsets. Close to spa centers, a golf court, and exclusive suites.

A blue sea under a blue sky and some bar's loungers on the Arachavi pebble beach.
photo: Petr Aust / CC BY 2.0

Acharavi Beach

A fantastic pebble beach without many people and buzz, despite being close to a residential area. Taverns, watersports, and beach bars - ideal for families.

Acharavi Corfu Museums

Visitors are looking at the exhibits at the Folklore Museum of Acharavi.
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Folklore Museum of Acharavi

Daily-life items, tools and weaving machines, and traditional costumes place you in Corfu's historical context. Worth your time - low entrance fee.