A panoramic view of the port of the city of Kavala including the seafront promenade and a part of the old town.
photo: CeeGee / CC BY-SA 4.0

Most Popular Cities

The Greek capital considered as the cultural and artistic core of western civilization and the place that gave birth to democracy and science.

The second-largest Greek city, famous for its great historical past as well as a distinctive multicultural and an easy-going atmosphere.

The biggest city of Epirus famous for its lake, its rich history, the nice food, as well as the vivid atmosphere due to the numerous students.

Typical coastal city of northern Greece that stands for its amazing views and the countless historical monuments of the broader region.

The charming city of Macedonia region that is defined by its lake, the traditional architecture and its rich historical past.

City of West Thrace region that merges the traditional architecture with a contemporary prospect and the long history of the broader area.

117 Destinations
Including 32 cities, 40 islands, 22 towns, 14 villages, and 9 areas / sites.
1254 Attractions
Including 174 historical, 132 religious, 202 POI's, 165 beaches, and 40 festivals.

Most Popular Islands

A blue-white dome and a belfry on Santorini island with the blue sea of the Aegean in the background.
photo: Public Domain

One of the most famous tourist destinations on a worldwide level, with an intense atmosphere created by its active volcano and a unique sunset.

Green dense vegetated but also densely populated island that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Fourth-largest Greek island & a major player in Greek incoming tourism. The so-called "island of Knights" with multiple aspects to be discovered.

Third-largest Cycladic island & popular tourist destination offering a multiple range of experiences regardless of age, nationality & background.

A panoramic picture of the most famous attraction of Zakynthos, the Shipwreck (navagio) beach.
photo: Public Domain

One of the most beautiful and famous Ionian islands with numerous majestic beaches and an important shelter for endangered sea turtles.

Extremely famous Greek pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but also a place of wild beauty, genuine villages, hiking & culinary tradition.

Its unique coastline together with the traditional architecture and the green landscape proved the best scenery for the "Mamma Mia!" film.

Popular Greek island-destination that hosts the only airport in Sporades Archipelago and is famous for its emerald beaches and lively nightlife.

Impressive island & administrative capital of the Cyclades. It emits a nobility sense & became an industrial, commercial, and shipping center.

Most Popular Towns & Villages

Its well-preserved architectural character and its historical monuments compose a charming, aristocratic, and romantic atmosphere.

Vivid destination standing for its tradition, history, and good food, while serves as a getaway for exciting road trips and nature activities.

The capital of the eastern regional unit of Crete (Lasithi) located at Mirabello Bay that stands for moderate & sustainable tourism development.

Combining local products, exclusive facilities, & preserving the tradition, it's classified as a flagship of the Greek alternative tourism.

Close to the biggest and most well-organized ski resort of Greece, the favorite winter cosmopolitan destination of the Athens inhabitants.

Exclusive destination of the west coastline of the Greek mainland, that is very similar to the beautiful landscape of the Ionian Sea islands.