Traditional buildings of the seaside promenade of the central port of Thasos (Limenas) and small wooden boats on the sea.
photo: jdujic / CC BY-SA 2.0


Also called:
  • Thassos
  • Taşoz TR
Why visit Thasos?
  • One of the largest and greenest, as well as the northmost islands of Greece.
  • A "family-friendly" destination, due to the good infrastructure, and easy access.
  • An island with fast ferry access, only 35 minutes from Keramoti to Limenas (Port).

Attractions, beaches & Things to Do on Thasos

Starting Point: Thasos Town

Thasos Town

« Limenas Thasou »

Main town that serves as the contemporary commercial and administrative center of the island.

Archaeological Museum of Thasos

A contemporary worth-visiting museum with a great variety of exhibits that sheds light to the presence of humans on the island.

Saint Nikolaos Church, Thasos Town

A small church that is considered as one of the oldest buildings of the island and is dedicated to the patron saint of the sailors.

Ancient Agora of Thasos

Site which served as the political, administrative, and religious center of the ancient and major city of the island for centuries.

Beach of Old Thasos Port (Limanaki)

A sandy public beach very close to the town's center and the old port. The area offers numerous options for food, drinks, and entertainment.

A picture of the Makryammos Beach on the island of Thasos.
photo: Steliyan Kasabov

Makryammos Beach, Thasos

Organized small private beach, part of the Makryammos Bungalows Hotel, ideal for children because of the shallow waters and the fine sand.

Chrysi Ammoudia (Golden) Beach, Thasos

Popular long beach located at the northeast part of the island close to the Skala Potamias settlement.

Potamia, Thasos

Among the most beautiful island settlements that is famous for its mountainous & traditional notion, the nice food, and its relaxing cafés.

Polygnotos Vagis Municipal Museum, Potamia

It hosts the artwork of a Greek-American painter and sculpturer who was originally from Potamia.

Keramoti (Ammoglossa) Beach

Sandy peninsula that sticks out to the sea and reminds a tropical island. It covers almost 5 km and with swallow waters attracts many families.

Mount Ipsarion, Thasos

The highest mountain of Thasos that covers the biggest part of the island and offers its characteristic and dominating green landscape.

Skala Rachoniou Beach, Thasos

Located in the northern part of the island, it attracts many families with children due to the fine sand and the shallow waters.

Beaches of Prinos (Dasylio), Thasos

A series of charming beaches across the homonymous cape, characterized by the small forest (dasilio) just next to the coast.

Paradeisos (Paradise) Beach, Thasos

Exotic-like organized sandy beach with turquoise water and green surroundings. Difficult to be reached through a dirt road by car or walking.

Skala Kallirachis Beach, Thasos

Small beach with sand & pebbles that belongs to the local settlement. It has shallow waters, easy access, and many accommodation options nearby.

Aliki Beach, Thasos

It is a unique sandy beach with crystal clear waters, while it is located on a small peninsula that stands for its historical past.

Archaeological Site of Aliki, Thasos

Small peninsula with rich vegetation and beautiful beaches that hosts the remains of an ancient town and a marble quarry. Free entrance.

Folklore Museum of Limenaria

A worth-visiting museum that offers to the visitor a clear picture of the people's everyday life on the island during the centuries.

Pefkari Beach, Thasos

Beautiful beach located on the south side of the island. It is surrounded by a pine forest, while it is consisted of sand and small pebbles.

Limenaria Beach, Thasos

An organized beach by the homonymous village offers water sports and other entertainment options as well as many other amenities.

Giola Lagoon, Alyki Thasos

Natural pool and unique geological formation between the rocks that is famous for its blue-green waters and the composed distinctive scenery.

Psili Ammos Beach, Thasos

Probably one of the most famous beaches on the island that attracts mainly younger generations and can get very crowded.

Questions & Answers About Thasos

What is Thassos, Greece?

Thassos is one of the largest islands in Greece and the most northern island of the country. It is located offshore from Kavala and stands for its green natural landscape as well as for the beautiful beaches.

What is the history of Thassos?

Archaeological research on the island of Thassos has shown that it has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Excavation findings connect directly the Neolithic inhabitants of Thassos with the residents of the valley of Drama. In the classical era, the island's rule was changing from the Athenians to Spartans and back, since both powerful cities wanted to exploit the gold mines and marble quarries of the island. Today Thassos is known for its sandy, blue beaches, forests, and very good food, facts that can guatantee a very nice and relaxing holiday!