Its Old Greece architecture makes this town a treasure of sights and photography. Experience the old town on foot and don't miss local delicacies.

Chania Attractions

A metallic bridge resting on two cement pillars and trees on the slope, at Aradena gorge.
photo: I C / CC BY-SA 2.0
hidden gem
distant ≈ 46.1km

Aradena Bridge

A simple bridge passing over the fabulous Aradena gorge with goats and rocks. If you are brave enough, find the bungee jumping guys.

A bench by the deep-blue sea with a view of the Chania's Lighthouse, which is built with light-brown stones.
photo: Romtomtom / CC BY 2.0
hidden gem

Lighthouse of Chania

Lighthouses are perfect for pictures. Chania's lighthouse is elegant, and sunsets here fill the sky with colors. A great walk too.


Old Venetian Harbor of Chania

Bearing architectural elements of the Venetian era, it's one of the most photographed and picturesque places on Crete.


Venizelos Graves

On a spot famous for its majestic view, here is the tomb of the most significant political leader of modern Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos.

Ruins and a mosaic, and in the background trees and humongous rock at the Archaeological Site of Ancient Lissos, Sougia.
distant ≈ 51.9km

Ancient Lissos Archaeological Site


An exciting short hike that leads to the ruins of an ancient town. Half way under natural shade. A wonderful way to connect with history.


Firka Venetian Fortress

Stone walls, quaint shops, narrow streets, you'll have all this at the Firka Venetian Fortress. Beautiful views of the harbor. Great restaurants nearby.


Küçük Hasan Mosque

The Islamic monument stands on the old port. It's a window in the city's Ottoman past. Locally referred with its Turkish name as "Giali Tzamisi".

Chania Things to Do

A huge rock in the background and the entrance to the Samaria Gorge, Crete.
photo: Deneb
must visit
distant ≈ 35.8km
needs caution

Samaria's Gorge National Park

Totally worth it. A mythological hike through ravines that people visit for millennia. It's not too difficult but come prepared - shoes, food, water.

A beautiful natural Mediterranean landscape with bushes and a few trees at Imbros Gorge, Crete.
distant ≈ 45.3km
needs caution

Imbros Gorge

A gorge with goats, fantastic views, and peacefulness. Bring good shoes and get prepared - it's about 3 hours long. Two taverns on the finish line.


Municipal Art Gallery of Chania

With a remarkable collection of 700 paintings and engravings, its exhibits give visitors' a view of Crete's rich cultural history.


Cathedral of Chania (Trimartiri)

The main church of Chania that during the centuries has accompanied the life and the history of the city, is hosted in a structure of 1860.


Municipal Garden of Chania

Take your kids to the playground of the Municipal Garden of Chania. Bring snacks and enjoy the sun under shade while they're playing.


Old Chania Market

Built on the grounds of the Venetian fortress Piatta Forma, this covered market keeps its authentic traditional character.

Chania Why visit?

  • The Old Town is a unique architectural melting pot.
  • It was built by Minoans.
  • The town's ancient name is Cydonia.

Chania Day Trips


The old town is adorned with Venetian and renaissance architecture and monuments. Top favorite is a walk in the old harbor and local restaurants.

A picture showing the boats and the coastal settlement of Loutro, Chania.
distant ≈ 50.2km



Loutro bay has crystal-clear waters and picturesque scenery. It can only be reached with a ferry from Sougia, Agia Roumeli, or Sfakia.

Chania Museums


Maritime Museum of Crete

Into boat and maritime history? This museum has scores of ship models and a modelling workshop on site. Some signage in English.

The front side and the main entrance of the Archaeological Museum of Chania.
temp. closed

Archaeological Museum of Chania

Its collection includes excavation findings of the broader area, while a visit helps visitors to get an image of the local history.