A diver? An ancient shipwreck and a seals refuge are awaiting you here. Not a diver? Well, the island's beauty would blow anyone's mind either way.

Alonnisos Beaches


Chrisi Milia Beach

The only fine-sand beach of Alonnisos is blessed with shallow waters. Kids bliss! Try to find the golden apple tree - that's what Chrisi Milia means.

The pebble Milia beach , the deep-blue sea, and a hill overgrown with trees in the background.
photo: andreas menayas

Milia Beach

Like most other beaches of northern Alonissos, Milia has pebbles, exquisite views into the wild, and not much else around. Good snorkeling. Small bar present.


Agios Dimitrios Beach

A popular beach, Agios Dimitrios, has lots of space for everyone. There's a couple of beach bars adding comfort and easiness to your beach experience.


Leftos Gialos Beach

Leftos Gialos is a windless bay that combines the white of the pebbles, the green of the pine trees, and the blue of the sea.


Kokkinokastro Beach

A beach unlike all the others. The red hues on the rocks contrast the green of the trees that surround you. And then, the sea's blue. A feast of colors.


Mikros Mourtias Beach

Sandwiched between rocky, lush-green hills, Mikros Mourtias is isolated and preferred by nudists. No umbrellas or loungers.

A panoramic image showing the Rousoum Gialos beach at Votsi of Alonnisos.
photo: Gorgona Hotel

Rousoum Gialos Beach

Rousoum Gialos is a white-pebble beach on a small bay with all amenities are found a stone's throw away. It gets crowded and noisy.


Patitiri Beach

Although the port is next door, the sea at Patitiri beach is crystal-clear clean. Cliffs, hanging trees, pebbles... you must be in Alonnisos.

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Alonnisos Things to Do


Saints Anargyroi Church

The atmosphere at this small church is serene and sunsets here are spectacular. It's a five-minute uphill walk after the car park.


Monastery of Kira-Panagia

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this 1000 years old monastery is on an small isolated island near Alonissos. You should taste the local spirit.

A rusty shipwreck partly submerged by the rocky coast of Peristera.
photo: PLAKLE / CC BY-SA 4.0

Shipwreck of Peristera Island

The shipwreck is a great place for snorkeling. It's accessible only by boat and its lcoated at Peristera, the islet to the east of Alonnisos.


Alonnisos National Marine Park

In the largest marine protected area in Europe you will find seals feeding and playing on the beach and in crystal waters. Boat tours are available.


The Blue Cave

If you are into boat trips, this cave is a good idea. The waters are crystal-clear and you will enjoy diving with a mask and a snorkel.


Cyclops Cave

Gioura Island

Located at the southern part of the abandoned island of Gioura, the cave was in use since the Prehistoric era and a sanctuary in Roman times.

Four scuba divers on their way to the shipwreck, surrounded by huge rocks.
photo: Public Domain

Diving in Alonnisos

If you scuba dive, here you can see a shipwreck of the 5th century BC laying around 20 meters deep. A priceless experience.

A close-up image depicting a salad with tuna, eggs and vegetables.
photo: RitaE

Local Food of Alonnisos (Tuna & Pie)

Traditional tavernas offer homemade, delicious dishes with local olive oil, seafood, and fish. Tuna is a specialty here.

Alonnisos Why visit?

  • Home to Europe's largest marine protected area.
  • Home to Greece's first underwater museum.
  • Habitat of seals.

Alonnisos Settlements

Old Village (Chora)

Until the 1965 earthquake, this was the main settlement. Centuries before, people settled on this high hill to protect themselves from pirate raids.

Steni Vala

Steni Vala is a small eastern harbor with a few fantastic beaches. Great place for sunrise swimming. Quiet, with basic amenities, boat-trip options.


Patitiri's natural port is full of cafeterias and tavernas, and colorful houses that will make your walk there a memorable experience.


Votsi is merged with Patitiri. It's a convenient destination for families for days on the beach, great food, and evening outings. Amazing rock formations.

Alonnisos Museums


Peristera Underwater Museum of Alonissos

You don't get an opportunity to visit a 2500-year-old shipwreck often. If you are a scuba diver, talk with the dive center. Do not miss it.


Alonissos Folk Museum

In the Alonissos Folk museum, you will travel back in a time when pirates roamed the seas and honest fisherfolk struggled. Bonus: a WW2 exhibition.

Alonnisos Day Trips


Skiathos is a fabulous, cosmopolitan island with many emerald beaches and green forests, as well as historical sites. The food will amaze you.


Skopelos' forests touch the seawater. No wonder the film «Mamma Mia!» was shot here. Its traditional architecture and monasteries will keep you busy.