Area/Site in Epirus

The mountainous region of two National Parks stands out for its pristine nature and the distinctive architecture of its 46 well-preserved villages.

A picture of the Papingo mountain range taken from the homonymous village.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos

Zagori Attractions

A picture of the specific view point that offers the amazing view of the Vikos Gorge.
hidden gem

Oxya Viewpoint

Probably the best panoramic view of the Vikos Gorge just 6 kilometers away from the village of Monodendri at an altitude of 1.300 meters.

The stone-built Convent of St. Paraskevi among the dense vegetation.
hidden gem

Convent of St. Paraskevi, Monodendri

An abandoned 1412 monastery built literally at the edge of the cliff enjoying incredible views over Vikos Gorge.

An overview of the three-arched bridge of Plakidas (Kalogeriko) among the dense vegetation.
hidden gem

Plakidas (Kalogeriko) Triple Bridge

Plakidas is a 1814 stone-built bridge with three arches. Water flows underneath mostly during the rainy months but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

An image showing the stone arched bridge of Kokkoros (Noutsos).
photo: auteur / CC BY-SA 2.0

Kokkoros (Noutsos) Stone Bridge

Yes, the 1750 arched bridge is amazing but also look out for bandit lairs and caves that harbored street robbers in the 19th century.

A big cross and a Greek flag at the memorial at the hill of Annítsa.
distant ≈ 48.7km

Annitsa Monument to the Fallen 1940

The monument commemorates a WW2 Greek victory. It's where the war's tide started turning, reversing the Italian invasion into a retreat.

Zagori Things to Do

A picture showing the cliffs and green forest of Vikos Gorge during a sunny day.
must visit
needs caution

Vikos Gorge

According to Guinness World Records this is the world's deepest gorge relatively to its width. The views and nature promise a truly exhilarating experience.

A close up picture of a butterfly sitting on green vegetation.
photo: Vabass / CC BY-SA 4.0
hidden gem

Vikos - Aoös National Park

Vikos is a heaven on earth. With trails leading you to breathtaking views and villages of unspeakable beauty, your stay here will be memorable for decades.

Water of the Rogkovo stream flowing through the rocks and the created the natural rock pool.
hidden gem

Papingo Rock Pools

Limestone erosion by Rogovo stream has carved out natural bathtubs in the middle of a fairytale scenery. Mind that it could be crowded.

People in winter clothes sit on chairs by their ski equipment having the slope of Vasilitsa in the background.
distant ≈ 45.3km

Vasilitsa Ski Center

Located on Pindus mount range, it is a well-managed ski resort with great facilities and, most usually, good levels of snow.

«Drakolimni» Lake of Tymfi

The plateau of Tymfi has an alpine lake that can be reached after a dangerous 3.5-hour hike. The serenity and divinity of this place is worth the hassle.

The crystal-clean waters of the Voidomatis river as it flows among the dense vegetation.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos

Voidomatis River

Voidomatis, one of the cleanest European rivers, flows through the Vikos Gorge filling it with beauty. You can do rafting in its mostly calm waters.

A picture of the natural landscape of Valia Kalda, including mountains, trees, and the valley itself.
distant ≈ 45.8km

Pindus National Park (Eastern Part)

Covered with snow even in spring, this is one of Greece's most magical places with wildlife, pristine nature, and soul-lifting views. Tons of adventure sports.

White Pegasus Horse Ride

White Pegasus has well-fed and cared horses that can take you for a ride. The owners are very friendly and put clients' safety first.

An overview of one of the Flega Lakes in Pindos National Park (Valia Kalda).
distant ≈ 45.3km

Flegga Lakes

Stunning mountainous lakes on the subalpine highlands of Valia Kalda, that can be reached through 3 different hiking trails.

A rafting boat in Voidomatis among the dense vegetation of the river shores.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos

Rafting in Voidomatis River

Rafting in one of the cleanest rivers of Europe is an unforgettable experience. Do not miss the chance for this exceptional adventure in nature.

Zagori Settlements

A narrow traditional cobble-stoned path inside the village of Mikro Papingo.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos

Mikro & Megalo Papingo, Zagori

Having the reputation of the prettiest of Zagori villages, the Papingos enjoy spectacular views over the Astraka mountain range.

The central road and some buildings of the traditional village of Dikorfo in the Zagori region.
distant ≈ 22.3km

Dikorfo, Zagori

Dikorfo welcomes its visitors with spring water from stone-built fountains, and delicious local dishes cooked with the local produce.

Monodendri, Zagori

Monodendri is the gateway of Vikos gorge with all its gorgeous hiking trails. Its architecture will leave you enchanted, and the food is incredible.

Tsepelovo, Zagori

Words cannot describe the beauty of Tsepelovo, the most isolated and largest of the Zagoris. Trailhead, rich in history, and extremely photogenic.

Aristi, Zagori

Aristi is another stunning Zagori. Trailhead for the winding, twisty road to Papigo and exceptional place to discover with a camera in hand.

Vitsa, Zagori

A traditional settlement built on a slope in lush-green forest. An interesting trail will take you to a petrified forest. Prepare for magic.

Ano Pedina, Zagori

Staring at the misty plateau is the best way to start your day here. Stretching and off to explore the narrow streets and trails of this magic place.

Kipoi, Zagori

Zagori beauty is as much visual as it is gustatory. Enjoy the delicious food in Kipoi, or in any other village around. Kipoi is also famous for its gardens.

Kapesovo, Zagori

A hamlet of 70 people who mostly have ancient Greek names. Picturesque and quiet, with great views over the gorge, this place is made of sun and stone.

A building of typical mountain architecture at a snowy square of Samarina.
distant ≈ 42.9km

Samarina, Grevena

A stone-built picturesque settlement with a Aromanian population (Vlachs). At an altitude of 1450 meters, the views are enchanting.

Perivoli, Grevena

Mountainous village located in Pindus Natural Park. So picturesque you want to lose yourself in the streets - don't forget your camera.

Zagori Day Trips


Built on a lakeshore with astonishing views, this student town is a window to Byzantine and Ottoman Greece featuring numerous museums and mosques.

Questions & Answers about Zagori

Why Visit Zagori?
  • Natural landscapes, nice food, and a distinctive architecture identify the region.
  • Modern tourist facilities exist in the majority of the 46 villages of the region.
  • Its name derives from the Slavic words Za (=behind) and gora (=mountain).