Home to the ancient Kaverian mysteries, the island's mythological aura will spoil you. Enjoy mountain waterfalls, breathtaking views, and canyoning.

Samothraki Beaches

A picture of the volcanic Kipos (or Kipoi) Beach of the island of Samothraki.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0

Kipos Beach

Full of goats and rocks, and underwater wonders. Kipos beach is a jewel in a volcanic, apocalyptic landscape. No amenities. Take mask and snorkel.


Vatos Beach

Remote beach accessible either by boat or a 4-hour hike through a gorge. Ideal for free camping. Water source is a 30-minutes walk away.


Therma Beach

An organized big-pebble beach close to the village of Therma with basic infrastructure. Crystal-clear waters that get deep steeply.


Pachia Ammos Beach

Pachia Ammos is the best sandy beach on an island with a majority of pebble beaches. There's a beautiful energy here - don't miss it.

Samothraki Things to Do

A broad picture showing the Saos Mountain of Samothraki taken from the sea.
needs caution

Mount Saos (Fengari Peak)

A mystical mountain on an arcane island. With springs and waterfalls, rocks and boulders, the mountain is trekkers' and climbers' paradise.

The waterfall of the biggest of the Samothraki ponds at the so called stream «fonias» (killer).
hidden gem
needs caution

Fonias Gorge

You need 40-45 minutes of hiking to reach these natural ponds. It's called Fonias (killer) gorge for some reason. Be careful and bring your hiking shoes.

Tourists embarking on a daily cruise boat at one of the remote beaches of Samothraki.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0

Cruise Tour Around Samothraki

To reach and swim in some of the hidden-gem beaches and stare open-mouthed the island's steep coasts, there is only one option: cruise tours.

Samothraki Why visit?

  • Home of the Samothracian or Kaveirean Mysteries.
  • 80% mountains, Samothrace's highest peak is at 1664m or 5460ft.
  • Initially inhabited by Thracians and colonized by Samians in the 8th century BC.

Samothraki Attractions


Sanctuary of the Great Gods


The sanctuary to Cabeiri, the enigmatic "Great Gods" of Samothraki, which are not the 12 Gods of Olympus, and remain a mystery to modern historians.


Chora (Gateloúzon) Castle

The Venetian fortification of the 15th century today lies in ruins. A walk up there will have you enjoying great panoramic views.


Fonias Tower

At the northeast coast of the island and by the homonymous stream, you will find the tower of Fonias. Great views.

Samothraki Settlements



During the last decades, it evolved to become the largest settlement of the island with an approximate population of 1000 inhabitants.



In the center of Therma village, lie the hot springs (loutra) used since the ancient times, and a slightly newer facility operated by the municipality.

A general view of the central and main settlement of Samothraki's Chora.
photo: Lemur12

Chora of Samothraki

This is Samothraki's head village. It is spread amphitheatrically on the hill amid forest and has a beautiful sunset.