In Trikala, you can take a long walk in the streets of the old town and visit museums, the fortress, the Ottoman mosque, and other points of interest.

Trikala Attractions

The stone-built arched bridge and the waterfall of Palaiokaria in the background.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos
must visit
distant ≈ 34.7km

Paleokaria Arch Bridge - Waterfall

An impressive synthesis of stone and water in a stunning landscape. In the summer, you can take a refreshing swim below the 16th century bridge.


Clock Tower of Trikala

The city's trademark was built in 1936 on the spot of an older Ottoman clock tower. You want to visit it for its panoramic view.

The pedestrian metal-made central bridge of Trikala, as it is illuminated during the night.
must visit

Central Bridge of Trikala

Trikala have a river and several bridges crossing it, many of which are pedestrian. This is one of the most notable ones thanks to its beauty.

A picture showing the Castle of Fanari on the top of the hill with some houses of the settlement close to it.
distant ≈ 22.1km

Fanari Castle

Surprisingly well-preserved castle (some restoration has taken place) with great views over the Thessalian plains. The Fanari Castle is worth your visit.

A close up picture of the one-arched stone bridge of Pyli, Trikala.
distant ≈ 23.9km

Arched Stone Bridge of Pyli Trikala

The Pyli hanging gate-bridge dates back to 1514, though it was restored recently. Don't miss the nearby church of Porta Panagia.

A picture showing the walls of the castle among the lush vegetation of the acropolis of Trikala city.
photo: Pedro / CC BY 2.0

Trikala Fortress (Castle)

Built on the acropolis, the internal areas of the "Frourio" (Fortress) are beautifully preserved. There is no entrance fee and the view is rewarding.


Ancient Trikki - Asclepieion (Archeological Site)

The ruins of ancient Trikki are also called Asclepieion because Trikki was the homeland of the famous ancient Greek physician.

Trikala Things to Do

Picture from the yard of the Panagia Pelekiti Monastery showing stone-built facilities and the surrounding vegetation.
hidden gem
distant ≈ 47km

Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti

Hewed in vertical mountain rocks, it is an impressive monastery with imposing hagiography and exceptional views from atop the mountain.

An image showing the boulders of Meteora and a monastery on top of one of them.
must visit
distant ≈ 30.7km



A literally astounding place where geology has created magic. It's one of the most beautiful places in Greece especially for photography.

An overview of the Plastira lake among hills of dense vegetation.
photo: Manu / CC BY 2.0
distant ≈ 40.2km

Lake Plastiras (Tavropos Reservoir)

This artificial lake adds a watery heaven on an otherwise fairytale landscape. It attracts visitors and also wildlife whole year-round.


Old Town of Trikala «Varousi»

The Varousi and Manavika disticts are famous for the narrow streets and old mansions that give the visitor an image of how it was here in past.

A stream close to Anthochori village full of trees, fallen branches, and pebbles.
photo: stefg74 / CC BY 2.0
distant ≈ 34.3km

Hiking «Watermill to Waterfalls»


Starting at the watermill of Anthochori, this hiking trail will lead you to the astonishing Plastira's waterfalls. A secret gem!


The Mill of Elves

The Mill of Elves offers children a fantastic Christmas experience. From the Wooden Nutcracker to Little Clara in the Four Fairy Kingdoms - all magic is here.

A snowy landscape of the area Pertouli Meadows where Pertouli Ski Center is located.
distant ≈ 31.5km

Pertouli Ski Center

Located at Pertouli Meadows, the ski center has 5 slopes and a usually good snow quality. Ideal for elementary and medium-skilled skiers.

Trikala Why visit?

  • Birthplace and home of Asklepios, God of Medicine.
  • The town's ancient name was Trikka.
  • A pioneering city that has driverless busses.

Trikala Museums


Tsitsani Museum (Old Prison)

Contemporary cultural center dedicated to a great Greek composer and lyricist. Here you get a glimpse into the history of Greek music.


Osman Sah (Koursoum) Mosque / Museum

A prominent monument, widely called Koursoum (literally means lead) due to its lead-covered dome. Locally referred as «Kοursοum Tzami».


«Kliafa Company» Centre of History & Culture

Housed since 2003 in the old Kliafa factory, this History Centre gives visitors a snapshot into the company's and the city's past.