Skopelos' forests touch the seawater. No wonder the film «Mamma Mia!» was shot here. Its traditional architecture and monasteries will keep you busy.

Skopelos Things to Do


Timios Prodromos Monastery

Founded in 1612 as a monastery, it was taken over by nuns after almost three centuries. It's a peaceful place on a slope enjoying excellent views.

A picture showing the huge rock where the Chapel of Agios Ioannis of Kastri in Skopelos is located.
hidden gem

Chapel of Agios Ioannis Prodromos

At 100 meters high, this chapel has spectacular views. Best time to visit is at dawn to avoid heat and people. Enjoy some mindfulness time.


Church of the Virgin Mary (Panagitsa Tower)

The island's trademark, the picturesque white chapel visible to each traveler entering the port. Visit this place early evening for a great sunset.


Agia Varvara Monastery

The oldest monastery on the island, founded in 1648, has an exterior that resembles a medieval castle as well as a great view to the sea.


St. Riginou Monastery

Founded in 1728 and rebuilt in the 60s, the St. Riginou Monastery hosts the patron saint's relics. Situated on a slope with good view.


Skopelos Cruises & Boat Tours

Once in Skopelos, arrange a day trip to nearby islands and beaches inaccessible by land, as well as places where the movie Mamma Mia! was shot.


Skopelos Cheese Pie

The locally called "Tyropita" is a traditional deep-fried twisted (or swirled) cheese pie with hand-made phyllo dough.

Skopelos Beaches

A picture showing a part of the Hovolo beach on the island of Skopelos.
photo: YouInGreececom

Hovolo Beach

After walking though the slippery rocks a memorable, pure-nature experience awaits at Hovolo beach. Tree shade till 13:00 - bring cover.


Panormos Beach

In a wind-protected bay with dense forest, Panormos is a small-pebble beach with sharply deepening waters. There are beach bars, and a lifeguard.

A photo of umbrellas and sunbeds at the beach of Milia on Skopelos island.
photo: YouInGreececom

Milia Beach

Milia Beach is famous for its turquoise waters, green hills, and magnificent sunset. Rent a kayak - there's so much to see around.

A picture of many people, umbrellas, and sunbeds at the Kastani (Mamma Mia) beach of Skopelos.
photo: YouInGreececom

Kastani (Mamma Mia) Beach

Exotic scenery, rare natural beauty, and unfortunately packed with people. Famous for having been the setting of the movie Mamma Mia!.

A panoramic picture of the Limnonari beach on the island of Skopelos.
photo: YouInGreececom

Limnonari Beach

Limnonari is a sandy beach on a windless bay covered with bushes and woods. Mostly calm waters, shallow but with rocks. Excellent tavernas too.

A picture showing the beach of Stafilos (Stafylos) on the island of Skopelos.
photo: YouInGreececom

Stafilos Beach

Sandy beach surrounded by a pine forest. Watersports rentals. Lifeguard service. You know it's crowded when you can't find a parking slot.

A picture of the beach of Glystéri on the island of Skopelos.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Glysteri Beach

Glysteri beach is small and covered by loungers of one beach bar providing quality services and playing chillout music. Simply excellent!

Skopelos Why visit?

  • In antiquity, it was called Peparithos.
  • One of Aegean's greenest islands, it was famous for its wine production.
  • Saint Reginos is the island's patron.

Skopelos Settlements

Chora of Skopelos

Main island settlement standing out for its traditional architecture, cobblestoned narrow streets, and numerous churches and chapels.



Founded by ancient Minoans, the beauty of this village will capture your heart. The views and sunsets of the "High Village" are magnificent.

The coastline village of Neo Klima (Elios) of Skopelos among the dense vegetation.
photo: YouInGreececom

Neo Klima (Elios)


A modern coastal settlement with a marina, football and basketball courts, a playground for children, and good hotels and rooms to let.

Skopelos Museums


Skopelos Folklore Museum

This museum exhibits artifacts from the island's the cultural wealth including wedding dresses, houseware and utensils, and elaborate ship replicas.