Skiathos is a fabulous, cosmopolitan island with many emerald beaches and green forests, as well as historical sites. The food will amaze you.

A boat full of people is approaching the port of Skiathos.
photo: kdask / CC BY 2.0

Skiathos Beaches

The sea arch of Lalaria beach behind scattered boulders and rocks in the turquoise sea.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Lalaria Beach

Accessible only by boat, Lalaria is a pristine beach with crystal-clear waters, scattered rocks, and a sea arch. Enjoy the trip!


Mikros Aselinos Beach

Another dreamy beach without crowds on the northern side. Wild rocks on the sides and sand in the middle. A cute resto-café will keep you fed.


Kastro Beach

Kastro is close to Skiathos' Byzantine castle, hence the name. Rock is king. It's a beach with crags, boulders, and rocks, and a tavern made of stone.


Tsougria Beach

Tsougrias Islet

A sandy beach wraps Tsougkria, the uninhabited islet close to Skiathos, and woods cover the rest. Idyllic with a tropical feel. Excursion opp.


Koukounaries Beach

Superb beach at Koukounaries, the Pine Trees, with a small lake and woods nearby. Clear waters. Watersports. It gets busy.

Lined-up beach umbrellas and sunbeds with a green and rocky hill in the background, at Mandraki Beach, Skiathos.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Mandraki Beach

Mandraki is a long beach with clean waters and exceptional views to Mount Pelion as well as good sunsets. A beach bar offers some services.

Elia Beach sandwiched between a green rise and azure sea, and people sunbathing.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Elia Beach

Arriving at the Olive Tree Beach, the green subshrubs scenery transitions into a golden sandy beach and azure breaking waves. Go prepared.


Krifi Ammos Beach

The Secret Sands Beach, or Krifi Ammos, is on a crescent-moon bay accessible through a dirt path. Calm and pristine - a nature lovers.

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Skiathos Things to Do


St. Charalambos Monastery

Architectural beauty for some serene moments and great pictures. The drive is pleasant though somewhat rough - worth a short detour.


Skiathos Dog Shelter

A heart-warming thing to do while in Skiathos? Visit the shelter, take the dogs out for a morning walk, and donate to help this place going.

The main gate to the inner yard of the Evangelistria Monastery of Skiathos.
hidden gem

Evangelistria Monastery

In this monastery, the first Greek flag was woven - a white cross on a blue background. The original loom is still there.


Panagia Eikonistria Monastery

A remote monastery with an interesting interior and an equally interesting exterior. Nearby a dog shelter. Wanna take the dogs for a walk?


Rock'n'Roll Cafe

Skiathos Town

Make time to enjoy a cocktail at the famous pillows bar on the cobblestone steps leading to the old town.

Two boats, full of tourists, anchored by a beach during a daily cruize trip.
photo: Kullez / CC BY 2.0

Skiathos Cruises & Boat Tours

Cruises and boat tours are the only way to reach some rocky caves and beaches or, if you will, launch daily excursions to nearby islands.

The famous saganaki as an appetizer and a Greek beer called Mythos on a table of a restaurant.
photo: Kullez / CC BY 2.0

Food in Skiathos

The island's cuisine marries fish and seafood with vegetables but the jewel on the ring is the swirled pie - also called a "twisted pie".

Skiathos Attractions


Agios Alexandros Chapel

As you are reaching the chapel, your spiritual side awakens. A place for prayer and meditation, and a balcony looking over the vast sea.


Byzantine Skiathos Castle

Rocky peninsula creating a natural pirate-protected fortress. The locals call it "Kastro" (castle) and it was the capital between 1360 and 1829.


Bourtzi of Skiathos

Small peninsula with dense vegetation inside the main port of the island that was hosting a medieval Venetian fortress between 1207 and 1660.


St. Nikolaos Church & Clock Tower

Skiathos Town

Offering a great view over the town, this church appears in the introductory scene of the movie "Mamma Mia!".

Skiathos Why visit?

  • Its name has always been Skiathos.
  • A Sporades island, the name of which shares the same root with "sporadic".
  • Created during a stone-throwing fight between Titans.

Skiathos Museums


«Skiathitiko Spiti» - House in Skiathos

A tour in an old Skiathos house that opens a window into the life of a local family, their daily activities, and stories.


Papadiamantis House Museum

Traditional two-floor mansion of 1860 where a great Greek author lived for a big part of his life. It maintains its original furniture.

Skiathos Day Trips


Skopelos' forests touch the seawater. No wonder the film «Mamma Mia!» was shot here. Its traditional architecture and monasteries will keep you busy.

Skiathos Settlements

Skiathos Town

The 2800-year-old port town is a labyrinth of narrow streets and gorgeous frames. Extremely photogenic, it's worth walking around with your camera at hand.