Gateway to Sporades Islands and home of magnificent Mount Pelion, Volos is a modern city for unforgettable tavern nights with friends, ouzo, and food.

Volos Things to Do


Panagia Goritsa Church

Chapel located on a hill enjoying an amazing view over the gulf. On the first Friday after (Orthodox) Easter, join the pilgrims in celebration.

A close-up photo depicting one of the windows of«Lab Art» Concert Hall in Volos.
photo: Public Domain

Music Stage «Lab Art»

Music and art stage located in the renovated Tsalapata Complex. It hosts performances of Greek and international indie-pop artists.


Tsipouradika of Volos

Famous tavernas serving tsipouro, a distilled spirit, and delicious Greek tapas called "meze". It will be the highlight of your visit in Volos.

Sailing boats anchored by the wide seafront promenade of Volos.
photo: I C / CC BY-SA 2.0

Argonafton (Coastal) Street

Meeting point, promenade for a relaxing walk, training grounds - see it as you will - this spot has incredible views over the Pagacetic Gulf.

A traditional shop with many commodities on shelves and other hanging on the walls.
photo: Public Domain

Palia (Old) District

The Old District stands out for its well-preserved buildings and retro atmosphere. It has great food and nightlife options.

Volos Attractions

The front side and the high belfry of the Church of Saints Constantine and Helena in Volos.
hidden gem

Church of Saints Constantine & Helena

Enjoy your sunset walk to the church of Saints Constantine and Helena on the seafront promenade. Nice tavernas and a playground too.


St. Nicholas Metropolitan Cathedral

Honoring Volos patron saint, this church is worth a visit for its astonishing hagiography, and maybe a coffee at the nearby coffeeshops.


Sesklo Neolithic Settlement

It dates back to approximately 6,800 BC which makes it probably the oldest settlement of Early Stone Age in Greece.


Dimini Mycenean & Neolithic Settlement

Neolithic settlement that dates to 4.800 BC. If you're visiting during summer choose morning hours as the sun could be too much during the day.


«Argo» Ancient Ship Replica

Anchored at the seafront, a replica of Jason's mythological ship, Argo, with which he and his Argonauts sailed to the land of the golden fleece.

Volos Why visit?

  • "Volos" is said to be a corruption of its ancient name, Iolkos.
  • It could also be from "Veles", the Slavic God of Agriculture.
  • Famous for its tsipouro taverns (grappa).

Volos Museums


The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum «Tsalapatas»

The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum Tsalapatas welcomes visitors curious about local manufacturing that thrived between 1926 and 1978.


Entomological Museum

It's a truly remarkable insect exhibition. Highly recommended that you get the free tour with the expert and boost your entomological knowledge bank.

A photograph of the front side of the Museum of the City of Volos.
photo: L.E.C.A.D.

Volos Museum of the City

An exceptional museum focusing on Volos recent history and its economic development through personal stories of notable residents.

The front side and the main entrance of the Athanasakio Archaeological Museum of Volos.
photo: GlassCobra at English Wikipedia

Athanasakio Archaeological Museum of Volos

This old museum displays exhibits from the Stone Age to the Roman Era. Some parts miss explanations in English but guides are eager to explain.