Surrounded by farmland and pastures, when in Larissa prioritize delicacies and restaurants. The city has two ancient theaters and historical sites.

Larissa Attractions


Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios

The church is St Achillios tomb and it was built in 6th century. He is now the town's patron saint. Worth a visit - the vista is quite nice too.

Remains of the Frourio (Fortress) area of Larissa and the building of Bezesteni in the background.
temp. closed

Bezesteni of Larissa

In the Ottoman years, Bezesteni was a covered market and Larisa's central square. With the passing of time, it was turned into a treasury and then a fortress.


Monument of Bucephalus

Thessaly's plains were famous for their strong horses and Alexander picked up his here. The statue is a monument to their historical role.


Hippocrates Monument

A modern cenotaph ('empty tomb') memorial to the Father of Medicine who spent his later life in Larissa. Look for the tablet with Hippocrates' oath.

The First Ancient Theatre of Larissa was made of white marble.
photo: Fsb2004 at the Q52 project

A' Ancient Theatre of Larissa

The biggest in Thessaly with a capacity of 10.000 spectators, the Ancient Theatre of Larissa was founded in 3rd century BC and open for 600 years.


Β' Ancient Theatre of Larissa

The earlier ancient theater dates from the 1st century BC, the years of Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. A nice area with taverns and bars.

The walls of the castle of Platamonas among the dense vegetation and the blue sky in the background.
distant ≈ 60.4km

Platamon Castle

East Olympos

Medieval fortress that dominates the landscape of Platamonas and has a great history. Definitely stop by for a picture as the place is not open to public.


Alcazar Park

The contemporary urban park of Larissa serving both as a relaxation place as well as a training area for the city inhabitants.

Larissa Beaches

Some steps leading to a part of Platamon beach among the dense vegetation.
distant ≈ 59.7km

Platamonas Beach

East Olympos

This beach in front of Platamonas town has access to all amenities you might need. Kind people, pebbles under your feet, clean waters. And nightlife.

An aerial photo showing the long beach of Velika in the area of Agia (Melivoia).
distant ≈ 56.7km

Velika Beach


Velika is a developed beach with tavernas and beach bars. It's a vacation destination with hotels and other tourist services.

A photo showing many people under umbrellas and others who are sunbathing at the Agiokampos Beach of Agia (Melivoia).
distant ≈ 56.7km

Agiokampos Beach

Agia (Melivoia)

Velika, Sotiritsa, Agiokampos are beaches on the same long sandy patch stretching for kilometers. Clean waters, trees hanging from boulders. And beach bars.

The long beach of Nei (Neoi) Pori with a lifeguard tower close to the sea and the Mount Olympos in the background.
photo: BANÁR / CC BY 3.0
distant ≈ 59.3km

Nei (Neoi) Pori Beach

East Olympos

Wide and 5-km long beach with amenities offered by nearby hotels, bars, and restaurants. Awarded with a blue flag. It has lifeguard service.

An image of the beach of Stomio in the region of Agia (Evrymenes).
distant ≈ 52.2km

Stomio Beach


At the foothill of Ossa, this long beach is ideal for walking as it is for swimming and relaxing. Starting at Stomio you walk for kilometers till Pinios delta.

A photo of the beach of Panteleimonas with the castle of Platamon in the background.
distant ≈ 61.7km

Panteleimonas Beach

East Olympos

At Panteleimonas Beach tall trees touch the sand under the imposing Medieval castle of Platamon. Shallow-waters patch where kids play safely.

A photo showing many umbrellas and sunbeds at the beach of Nea Mesangala at Tempi (Kato Olympos).
distant ≈ 59.7km

Nea Mesangala Beach

Kato Olimpos

Located close to Pinios delta, Nea Mesangala is a partly developed beach with amenities and accommodation options. Being crowded would be unusual.

An image of the Kokkino Nero Beach in the area of Agia (Evrymenes).
distant ≈ 54.7km

Kokkino Nero Beach


Popular with Larissa people, Kokkino Nero is a sand-and-pebbles beach in a blooming environment. There are only a few restaurants nearby.

Larissa Why visit?

  • A most ancient name dating to Pelasgian (pre-Greek) times.
  • Greece's breadbasket.
  • In Pelasgian, Larissa means acropolis or fortified hilltop.

Larissa Things to Do

A picture of the exterior of the Kanalon monastery surrounded by the dense vegetation of the area.
photo: Hermann Hammer
distant ≈ 56.1km

Kanalon Monastery


An old and historical monastery hidden in the dense vegetation of the southern part of Mount Olympus. It's worth a visit.

The front side and the main entrance of the Holy Shrine of Agia Paraskevi in Tempi.
photo: Lemur12 / CC BY 2.0
hidden gem
distant ≈ 41.9km

St. Paraskevi Holy Shrine Tempi

If you're traveling between Athens and Thessaloniki, this chapel is an ideal stop. A fantastic environment with a river and spring water from Mount Olympus.

A picture taken from Pinios River with the snowy peak of Mount Ossa.
distant ≈ 40.6km

Mount Ossa (Kissavos)

The beauty of this place is ineffable. You can go rafting, canyoning, canoeing or trekking on ancient paths crossed by Alexander's army.


«Mill of Pappas» Cultural Center

The city's old mill hosts a permanent exhibition and cultural events, like concerts, theatre, and an open cinema in the summer.

Suspension bridge in Tempi Valley, that connects one bank of the Pinios River with the of Shrine of Agia Paraskevi area.
distant ≈ 39.6km

Tempe Valley

At the foot of Olympus and partitioned by a river, this place has an almost mythological aura, especially some mornings when it's shrouded in mist.


Pinios River Path

The Pinios path is a place for a relaxing promenade or a run in a some manicured nature with grass, planted trees, and benches.

Larissa Museums

Fragments of a statue and a krater in the Diachronic Museum of Larissa
hidden gem

Diachronic Museum of Larissa

Through the museum's 2000 exhibits you will discover a rich history spanning thousands of years. It's a new well-designed museum.


Folklore & Historical Museum of Larissa

Its 25000 exhibits (yes, you read it right!) from the 15th until the 20th century will travel you through the region's history.


Larissa Art Gallery (G.I. Katsigras Museum)

A lovely medium-sized gallery with portraits of notable personalities and landscapes. Bonus, the furniture of the archeologist that discovered Troy.

Larissa Day Trips

Tyrnavos Town

This small modern town of Thessaly is the capital of tsipouro, a type of grappa. Food here is excellent and Tyrnavos barbeques are top.