A window to Byzantine Greece, this quiet town has churches dating back to the 12th century, stone arch bridges, and calming walks by the river.

Arta Attractions


Byzantine Church of Panagia Parigoritissa

Masterpiece of Byzantine architecture and art, ceramics and marble work, and a dome that looks as suspended in the air. Do not miss it.

The monument of Zalongo on the top of the cliff where the women of Souli committed suicide.
photo: Andreas Papageorgiou / Pappasandreas
hidden gem
distant ≈ 36.1km

Monument «Dance of Zalongo»

When the Ottomans were approaching to recapture their town, the women of Souli danced their way to the cliff to die free. It's many stairs till the monument.

A picture showing the yard and the Byzantine Church of Saint Theodora in Arta.
hidden gem

Byzantine Church of Saint Theodora

The church was restored into its current form by Theodora of Arta in the 13th century, the town's patroness. Here you will find her reliquary.


Byzantine Church of St. Dimitrios (900 AD)


St. Dimitrios is a 900AD church a stone's throw away from Arta. The walls and belfry are reconstructed, but the interior will convince you of its age.


Bridge of Arta

According to a traditional poem, the master mason had to burry his wife alive into the bridge in order to complete its construction.


Arta Castle Clock Tower

Dating from the 17th century, the oldest Clock Tower of Epirus stands in front of a 13th-century Byzantine fort.

A bastion and one of the gates at the fortification of the ancient city of Nikopolis.
distant ≈ 38.2km

Archaeological Site of Nikopolis

Emperor Augustus founded Nikopolis to commemorate his victory over Antonius and Cleopatra at Actium. Don't miss the biggest archeological site in Greece.


Castle (Fortress) of Arta

Arta's castle has overlooked the Arachthos river since Ottoman times. Partly well-survived, partly restored, it's a nice walk, especially on sunny days.

Arta Museums


Municipal Art Gallery of Arta - G. Moralis

One of the top things to do while in Arta. Relatable art concepts and thoughtful presentation by Giannis Moralis in a warm space with professional staff.


Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis

The Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis hosts findings unearthed in the excavations of the ancient Roman city. It's small but worth your visit.


Archaeological Museum of Arta

A new museum displaying historical items and findings from Arta's wider area, some of which 3000 years old. Excellent guides.


Folklore Museum «Skoufas»

Exhibiting the region's customs and traditions, it is housed in a 1864 building which used to be a guard post on the Greek-Ottoman border.

Arta Why visit?

  • A folk song tells of its legendary old bridge that kept collapsing.
  • It has various Byzantine buildings and monuments.
  • Famous for its production of oranges.

Arta Things to Do


Arta Riverside Lake Park

Located by the artificial lake, close to river Arachthos, it is an ideal place for walking or bicycle rides, and also picnics.

People enjoying a coffee at Arta's National Resistance Square on a sunny day.
photo: Theocharis V.

National Resistance Square

The square is the heart of the town's pedestrian space. There are several cafés and restaurants, and shops of all kinds in a great atmosphere.


Kilkis Square

A square at the beginning of the pedestrian street features a statue of Epirot King Pyrrhus, after who historians named Pyrrhic victories.