Town in Epirus

Once here, you will find yourself having many day trip opportunities to nearby historical sites, natural beauty spots, and boat tours to islands.

An overview of a part of the port of Igoumenitsa.
photo: Evmeos / CC BY-SA 3.0

Igoumenitsa Attractions

A part of the walls and fortification of the Ali Pasha Castle at Anthousa village near Parga.
distant ≈ 32.9km

Ali Pasha Castle, Anthousa

The Ottoman governor Ali Pasha built this fortification in 1814 to tighten his grip on rebellious Parga. Fantastic views and photo opportunities.

A photo showing the paved seafront promenade of Igoumenitsa.
photo: Evmeos / CC BY-SA 3.0

Promenade & Marina of Igoumenitsa

A series of recent reconstruction works on the coastal zone, target to make the whole city turn its face towards the sea.

Archeological Site of Ancient Gitana

Remains of an ancient city founded between 335 BC and 330 BC that served as the capital of the broader region for almost 150 years.

Igoumenitsa Things to Do

An overview of the Kalodiki Swamp full of water lilies among the surrounding mountains.
distant ≈ 35.4km

Watching Area of Kalodiki Swamp

The Kalodiki wetland is rich with flora and wildlife - many bird species, and coypus, cute little rodents that feed and play in the water.

distant ≈ 27.7km

Paganion Monastery, Paramythia Thesprotia

Built on 1652 and is located around 20km from the Paramythia town, in a dense green area. Offers amazing views and tranquility of the mind.

Igoumenitsa Museums

Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa

Exhibits related to the broader region dating from 100.000 years ago until the 17th AD century.

Igoumenitsa Day Trips


Parga is on the Greek mainland but with its promenades, the Venetian castle, and plenty of charming beaches, it could also be an island.


This small colorful town is the «Caribbean of Greece» due to its pristine beaches with turquoise waters, glowing sunsets, and relaxed atmosphere.

Plataria, Thesprotia

Picturesque coastline village in a gulf of the Ionian sea, well-known as a safe natural port that welcomes numerous tourist boats.

A pedestrian street with shops, boutiques, and cafeés in the commercial center of Paramythia.
distant ≈ 30.7km

Paramythia, Thesprotia

Small town with approximately 2500 inhabitants and rich history, which used to be the commercial and cultural center of the broader region.


A green yet busy island with tons of historical sites and a magnificent Venetian town, Corfu has it all. Beach life, scenic drives, and history.

Questions & Answers about Igoumenitsa

Why Visit Igoumenitsa?
  • The second-biggest in traffic Greek port transforms Igoumenitsa into a transit city.
  • Great commercial hub connecting Greece with Europe and the Balkans.
  • Coastal town that attracts numerous guests coming with cruise ships.