Built on a lakeshore with astonishing views, this student town is a window to Byzantine and Ottoman Greece featuring numerous museums and mosques.

Ioannina Museums

A picture of the exterior of the stone-built building that houses the Silversmithing Museum of Ioannina.
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Silversmithing Museum

The museum exhibits silversmithing tools and handicrafts that would familiarize you with the craft and its history in Epirus. Bonus: it's inside the castle.


Wax Museum of Greek History (by Paul Vrellis)

This museums displays wax figures of heroes and events of the war of independence. Note that taking pictures is strictly prohibited.


Museum of Ali Pasha and Revolutionary Period

The house of Ali Pasha hosts a collection that will enlighten you about the War of Independence and the troubled years under the bloodthirsty Ottoman ruler.


Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

Covering a long period of local historical evolution with findings that date from the Stone Age until the end of the Roman era.


Byzantine Museum of Ioannina

The Byzantine Museum of Ioannina will familiarize you with local history through its Early Christian and Byzantine exhibits and icons.


Ioannina Ethnographic Museum (Aslan Pasha Mosque)

Formerly a mosque, this small museum exhibits historical artifacts from the the life of Muslims, Christians, and Jews of the Ioannina Region.

Ioannina Attractions

The Holy Ark inside the Ancient Synagogue «Kahal Kadosh Yashan» of Ioannina.
photo: רדיומן

The Ancient Synagogue «Kahal Kadosh Yashan»

A sacred place for the Romanyotis Jewish community of Ioannina that can be visited only with appointment with the local community.


Castle of Ioannina

Byzantine castle reconstructed later by the Ottomans. Today it's a great walk flowing with beautiful imagery. Avoid sunny hours.


Ioannina Clock Tower

One of Ioannina's trademarks and a meeting point for the inhabitants, it stands out for its distinctive architecture. The locals call it Roloi.


Fetiche Mosque

Fetiche Mosque hosts the tomb of Ali Pasha and his family. It overlooks the lake from the top of a hill enjoying spectacular views.

Panoramic view of the ancient theater of Dodoni with the green valley and the surrounding mountains in the background.
photo: Vasilis / CC BY 2.0

Archaeological Site of Dodoni

Located in a remote valley, the Oracle of Dodoni is the oldest of the ancient Greek world. Try to watch a play in the ancient theatre - it's still in use.


Zosimaia Library

One of the largest Greek libraries hosts events and exhibitions. This place has previously housed a mosque and public baths.

Ioannina Why visit?

  • For a while known as Agioannina meaning St John's Town.
  • A Greek education centre during Ottoman times.
  • Home of Ali Pasha, a bloodthirsty ruler who mutinied against the Ottomans.

Ioannina Day Trips

A picture of the Papingo mountain range taken from the homonymous village.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos


The mountainous region of two National Parks stands out for its pristine nature and the distinctive architecture of its 46 well-preserved villages.


One of the most charming places in Greece, Metsovo is a mountainous town with stone houses, numerous tracks for trekking, and artisanal food.